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Marriage & Funerals in the Elizabethan Era

No description

Jane Richardson

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Marriage & Funerals in the Elizabethan Era

thank youuu :) Weddings & Funerals Your child's future marriage Groom Clothing boys marry at 14 make arrangements with local church Church Ceremony Planning made out of cotton, flax and wools Lower-Class Bride Clothing wear best gown and kirtle Upper-Class Bride Clothing best clothes; doublet, breeches, hose, box pleated neck ruff and cod piece By: Jane and Annabelle girls marry at 12 amount of land you own will increase child may only be meeting their partner for very first time on wedding day everyone will benefit from it must announce intention to marry 3 times on 3 consecutive Sundays or Holy Days gives enough time for objections to be made no invitations needed under the gown a shift or corset is worn flowers are in hair and held may buy new gown gown is full length and worn with a cloak made out of velvet, satins and courduroy cuffs and neck decorated with silk or linen ruffs jewelry is worn and hair is worn down made out of flax, cotton and wool also wear a cloak and boots main colours of an Elizabethan wedding wedding ceremony get ready with family and close friends at home everyone stands at ceremony move to church with music Reception dishes are as attractive as possible exotic and flavored dishes served there are breads and sweet meats ale and wine is served lots of music and dancing Funerals in Elizabethan Time 10 % population live past 60 always wear black wearing springs of rosemary identified that you were in mourning some people have mourning rings shaped in skulls, coffins or crosses funerals happen in a church coffin carried in with ringing bells buried in churchyard if not a funeral After church ceremony money and feast given to poor feast would have meat, but limited families only have cakes and ale Graves uncommon to have head stones wealth buried inside church and marked with a flagstone graveyards commonly overcrowd
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