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What is ExplainTB about?

Information about ExplainTB - smartphone based tuberculosis education

Christian Herzmann

on 5 January 2019

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Transcript of What is ExplainTB about?

What is
it's a disease of poverty.
It affects
migrants, illiterates, children.
Tuberculosis can affect anyone.
Many of them
speak only their mother tongue.
The language barrier
prevents communication.
It's nearly impossible
to educate them about TB.
What's the idea?
Educational videos that are available
Or you download the app.
QR code poster available on
[1] click on Download
[2] download the QR code poster
For Android:
free app available on Google play
Videos in 16 languages
on your smartphone
23 chapters in
25 languages
Tap to change language
Tap to play video
Tap to change content
Tap to choose chapter
Tap to select language
Tap to activate audio mode
is a crowd charity project
>300 volunteers contributed
proof reading
voice recordings
Your contribution is welcome.
ExplainTB is a joint project
Produced by
helps to cross
the language barrier.
around the clock
within seconds
anywhere on this globe
free of charge
on any smartphone
You can either access the videos by scanning a QR code.
For iPhone:
free app available on the appstore
But they live abroad.
Written educational material in 33 languages on

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