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Erin Wyness

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of UP


Russell, Kevin, and Dug show up. (Carl's sidekicks)
Carl and his sidekicks get chased by Charles Muntz's dogs
They try to get Kevin back to her babies
Escapes Charles Muntz and his talking dogs
Saves Russell from Muntz

Kevin Shows Up BIRTH? information not in movie CHILDHOOD Meets Ellie(wife)
Decides/Forced to be an adventurer MEDATATION/PREPARATION

Ellie(deceased wife)is Carl's mentor
Blows up tons of baloons to fly away to paradise falls DEATH
When Charles Muntz sets Carl's house on fire. Carl is depressed and wants to give up.
He tells Dug to leave
When Carl realizes Charles Muntz, his idol, is the bad guy(antagonist)and Carl escapes Muntz's blimp and his dogs REBIRTH

When Carl looks at ellie's adventure book and realizes he didn't fail his quest
It gives Carl the encouragement he needs to let Dug help him save Russell and Kevin HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Carl and russell make it back to the USA. Russell becomes a senior wilderness explorer and Carl becomes Russell's acting dad.
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