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The generation gap

No description

Viorica Arnaut

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of The generation gap

Problems and solutions
refers to differences between generations that cause conflict and complicate communication, creating a "gap."
The causes
gap - ruptură, decalaj
strike(v) - a lovi
free- wheeling - fără grijă
plague - ciumă, năpastă
major - major, important
dorm - cămin studentesc
old- fashioned - vechi, demodat
stifle(v) - a înăbuși
squalor -mizerie
exaggerated(adj) -exagerat

Imagine that Nancy is your friend. What advice could you offer her?
Support your ideas with arguments.(200 words)
means the differences between one generation and another, especially between parents and their children.
There are a few causes why it emerged in the 1950's, one being that the inevitable progress of time and technology changed over the years.
They have grown with another way of living
While times change, people advance and they change their attitude and lifestyles .
Older people cannot accept that because at the time years before they grew up in a more violent time, with wars
Major causes would have to be the new styles of clothing, difference of music ...
Children try to become more self-independent, trying to find their own in particular identity
Decode the picture
between parents and children are called
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