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Copy of Copy of Copy of The Morrisonian Technique (Unit Method)

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Dara Heng

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Morrisonian Technique (Unit Method)

The Morrisonian Technique
or Unit Method
it is considered the beginning of different kinds of units and integrative techniques
often used in the teaching of:
1- Exploration
Steps in Morrisonian Technique
or Unit Method
The teacher, through questions, tests or discussions, may discover what previous knowledge or experience the pupils have about the lesson.
The essential fetures are presented and important points are emphasized.
The teacher may use all available devices.
Sometimes teachers make the mistake of thinking that they should do all the talking in the presentation step.
The presentation test may be given through work sheet or board especially if the unit is long.
The child learns and absorbs what has been presented by the teacher.
A supervised study.
A variety of exercises and activities may be iniated during this step.
On this step, the pupils should be taught:
how to express answers in their own words.
how to use references.
how to interview people.
how to make use of maps, graphs, almanacs, brochures, etc.
This step must be done without any reference or other aids.
The chance for a teacher to teach outlining
The chance for students to develop logical thinking.
5-The Recitation
Different from daily recitation.
It is the liveliest part of the lesson
The pupils may initiate activities related to the unit lesson.
It may be done written, showing the students' mastery of the lesson.
More true to life.
It is done with the use of other traditional methods.
Because the subject matter is encountered in every step of the unit and presented as a unified whole, what is taught is learned to the point of mastery.
The technique corresponds to the steps in the mastery formula:
The Morrisonian steps are not only logical but also psychologically sound.
Not all teachers are capable of making long-range unit plans that cover a week or more.
Teachers may just go through the motions and leave out the essence.
Method alone does not insure mastery.
Steps of the Morrisonian Technique or Unit Method
1. Exploration
2. Presentation
3. Assimilation
4. Organization
5. Recitation
Morrisonian Technique or the Unit Method
Group Name:
1. Heng Dara
2. Pen Kimhong
3. An Chenda Srey Mouch
Build Bright University
Siem Reap Study Center
Conclusion, Application and Value
The morrisonian techniques are not only useful for teaching, History, Geography, Govement, or Economics, but they are also good for many other subjects, or trainings, and workshops. We just needs some good preparation in advance, even the teachers in the country side of Cambodia they can also do it as long as they are willing and of course in case they are very committed in teaching and not only for money.
H.C. Morrison was superintendent of schools in New Hampshire before he became a faculty member of the University of Chicago in 1910.

This technique was developed in the laboratory schools of Chicago as a result of Morrison’s observations of the schools in New Hampshire.

Nature- Cont
Morrison proposed the mastery formula for learning – pretest, teach, test the result, adopt procedure and test again to the point of nature learning (Risk 1947).

Morrisonian plan of instruction may be considered as the forerunner of the different kinds of units and integrative technique
Thank you very much for your attention
Wish you the best!
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