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Samuel Johnson: "The Rambler" No. 4

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delaney frize

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Samuel Johnson: "The Rambler" No. 4

Samuel Johnson: "The Rambler" No. 4
Samuel Johnson
"The Rambler" Section 4
Persuasive Techniques
Background and Birth
September 18, 1709 - December 13, 1784
Political Views
- government could only do so much
- Anglican
- subordination
- English and French = "robbers"
- "Taxation No Tyranny" :

The Role That He Played
-new approach towards writings
older writings do not portray life accurately
- Scaliger and his works: flowery and repetitive
writers of his time aimed their works to the youth
- protection of the youth and their minds
future works should present life as it actually is
- poetically but honestly
"I remember a remark made by Scaliger upon Potanus, that all his writings are filled with the same images" (quote reference)
"it is not easy to conceive; but we cannot wonder that..."
"There have been men indeed splendidly wicked, whose endowments threw a brightness on their crimes, and whom scarce any villainy made perfectly detestable, because they never could be wholly divested of their excellencies;
Long Term Impact
Basic Summary
Disapproval of specific fictitious writings
- grew more popular after the fact
Biography/"The Rambler"
-Life of Samuel Johnson - James Boswell (1791)
Johnson's Dictionary
- 1755
literary criticism
-considered to be one of the only great critics of English Literature
- unrealistic styles make for a lack in connection
- sensitivity when choosing subject matter
- "unjust things"
- portrayal of the wicked
- elevation of virtue
- Lichfield, Staffordshire, England
- 1728: Pembroke College in Oxford;
dropped out
- "The Rambler": twice-weekly publication between 1750-1752
- 1755: dictionary
- son of a bookseller
- critical examinations of poets: later years
- puts himself on the same level
- "we"
- descriptive language
-accurate view of life through his works
More Background
- poet, translator, journalist, essayist, travel writer, biographer, editor, and a critic
- one of the most well-known poets
- influenced others
- effect on modern English
- showcased criticism
- collected as a volume, reprinted 9 more times
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