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Migrating to Google Apps for Education

Considering a switch to Google Apps for Education? This non-technical session is for you!

Carl Keller

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Migrating to Google Apps for Education

Migrating to Google Apps for Education Whitehall-Coplay School District Lisa Saylor - Technology Director
Carl Keller - K-12 Technology Integration Coach The Lay of the Land mi-grate [mahy-greyt]
to go from one country to another
to pass periodically from one region or climate to another, as certain birds, fishes, and animals
to shift, as from one system, mode of operation, or enterprise to another The $64,000 Question Do birds in North America fly south for the winter or north for the summer? Sex

of course! Google Apps for Education Google Mail (Gmail)
Google Calendar
Google Docs Google Groups
Google Sites
Google Talk
Google Video Google Apps is Free for K-12 Public Education Sniffing the Wind Initial Research and Considerations The Main
Goals Get here... without ending
up here... A committee is a group of people who individually
can do nothing, but who,as a group,
can meet and decide
that nothing can be done.

Fred Allen 1. Gain Knowledge Read the bible...
Guide to Going Google
This is IT... THE main resource
for your transition! 4. Tally your allies and
your enemies! 2. Gather Information Number of users
Network infrastructure
Can you handle the cloud? 3. Make some decisions Time to change your
domain name?
One Google Apps domain or two?
Will all users be required
to switch? Consider contractual obligations
Relationship with your
current provider(s)?
Scan the horizon for signs
of trouble! The Staging Period
Gathering Strength You have to SELL it! "Don't sell insurance.
Sell what life insurance can do."

Ben Feldman Create a professional presention
Sales materials!
Etc. Sell It! Line Up your Ducks Your Tech Director

This one's a
go or no go! Superintendent/District Office
Present a clear proposal
Include references and data
Include your upline Look for "Dead Ducks"
Each dead duck counts
More than one dead duck
at this level warrants
serious reconsideration Questions to Consider
Present to Principals?
When is it time to tell
your Board?
When do you tell your
teachers? On the Move! Plan your Deployment Who will be using Google Apps?
What services will they be using?
What domain(s) will you use?
How will you provision (add) users?
How will your users access Google Apps?
What costs may you incur?
Guide to Going Google! Both Ways Sign up for Google Apps
You need a domain dedicated
to your Google Apps
You can use your existing domain
Setup can be accomplished without
affecting your current email, etc. Create an organizational structure
You can control access to services
independently for each "container"
you create for users
Users in containers are not isolated
from users in other containers in
terms of email, document sharing, etc. Add additional domains/aliases
if needed
Only one domain per account if you use Positini
Domain alias... bob@aaa.com = bob@bbb.com
Numerous limitations exist Provision (add) Users
Add manually via control panel
Upload batches of 500 via CSV file
Sync to your LDAP via Google Apps Directory Sync
Use Google's Provisioning API to create a custom tool
Hire a "Partner" - pay someone Putting the Pieces Together Configure email delivery in Google Apps
Dual Delivery (useful for dealing with uncooperative providers)
Legacy or GApps Primary
Change MX Records [Optional] Set up
single sign-on (SSO)
Ingegrate into yuour LDAP
or other SSO system
Uses public and private
keys [Optional] Migrate User
email, calendar, and contacts from Exchange and Lotus Notes
Also via IMAP, POP3, and APIs
Even copy from PST files! Configure Email Archiving
Postini (Google)
3rd party solution Google Apps Technical Transition Guide. Hyenas and Crocodiles Those with vested interests
Long-time detractors
Undercover technophobes
Who will benefit from your failure? This is the usual crowd
Easily Identified
Usually just need TLC
Could become crocodiles! Learn More! Stratified Help Tool-specific Help Administering
Google Apps and Postini Users and Organizations Google Apps Admin Panel Google Groups Group Administration Panel Designate Group Managers Information for Decisions Excellent Phone and Email Support Configure Core Suite Apps Control Access to all Google Tools
Per Individual Organization Individualize Access Levels Personal Postini Message Center Personalization of Message Filtering Postini Administration Panel Extremely Accurate and Specific
Inbound and Outbound Control Powerful Administrative
Archive Search Engine Act 48 Code: DH172971 Hitting the Plain 10 Months In
Almost no actual software issues
A few alligators still causing trouble
With a few notable exceptions, most users report satisfaction with the change
Use of collaborative tools in Google Apps is growing steadily
Slowly becoming "institutionalized" Reproducing
Building the Future Expand teacher use of Google Apps tools
More collaboration at teacher level
Increase teacher mobile use of Apps
Increase use of student domain in
conjunction with BYOD
Purchase archiving and open email
and groups for students
Change filtering policies to allow for the
use of the great tools that Google has to offer! In the end, the journey has been more than worth it! Why migrate anyway? Wi-Fi:
SSID is "PETE & C"
Password is "pete" See more about this
presentation on your phone at: http://techcoachcarl.com/index.php/peteandc http://goo.gl/HvI3d Pete&C Ning forum for
this presentation: http://techcoachcarl.com Or on your tablet or computer at:
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