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Challenges and Issues in Homeland Security

There are a variety of strategic, persistent and wicked issues that continue to influence the domains of homeland security.

Glen Woodbury

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Challenges and Issues in Homeland Security

Strategic Issues in Homeland Security
You are here
Violent Extremism
Climate Change
Mega Hazards
Cyber X
Global Resource
Emerging Technologies
WMD Proliferation
National Security
Health Security
Community Security
Ecological Security
Economic Security
Cultural Security
Homeland Security
ELP 1201 Final Exam

Form a group
Pick an issue
Present on Thursday
"Why did we pick this issue? Why is it a strategic HS/HD issue?"
"What questions should we be asking about this issue? What more do we need to know about this issue?"
"What frameworks, approaches, skills, tools, methodologies or other conceptual techniques could we use to address the issue? How could we use them to begin a strategy? What might a strategy look like?"

DHS 1.0
Creation of DHS
DHS 2.0
Border Security
Immigration Enforcement
Disaster Preparedness and Response
DHS 3.0
Trusted Travel and Trade
Immigration Reform
Engaging the Public
DHS 4.0 from 2014 QHSR
Prevent Terrorism and Enhance Security
Secure and Manage Borders
Enforce and Administer Immigration Laws
Safeguard and Secure Cyberspace
Strengthen National Preparedness and Resilience

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