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Ella Fitzgerald

The First lady of Jazz

m hamp

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Ella Fitzgerald

By Maddy Hamp Ella Fitzgerald She was Born Ella Jane Fitzgerald When and Where Ella Was Born Ella was born on April 25,1917

She was born in Newport News Virginia After Ella was born her parents got divorced. Ella and her mother moved to Yonkers, New York. After they moved to New York her father died. Her mom remarried and had another child named Frances. To help keep the family supported Ella worked as a runner for a local gambler. In 1932 her mother died in a car accident. A few months after that her step father Joe suffered from a heart attack. Ella and Frances were sent to live with there sister Virginia. Early Life Once Ella got settled with Virginia she became depressed. Ella grades started to drop and she started to skip school. After she got into trouble with the police she was sent to a reform school.During her time at the reformatory school Ella started to suffer from beatings. So Ella escaped the school and at 15 she was living alone and broke during The Great Depression. Living With Virginia In 1934 Ella won a weekly drawing to compete in an Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. Ella decided she was going to dance but then Ella decided that the Edward sisters were too good of dances. So instead Ella sang. Her voice hushed the audience and when she was finished singing they asked for an encore. Amateur Night at Apollo Theater That night Benny Carter a saxophonist , began introducing Ella to people who could help Ella get a career in singing. Soon after that performance Ella become known from competing in talent competitions and winning. Ella was starting her rise to fame. Ella Fitzgerald became known Ella became part of a band name Tiny Bradshaw. Ella was the main singer for the band and had many performances with the band. Ella First Music Career Ella fell love in with the drummer Chick Webb and they got engaged but soon after the engagement Chick died. After Chick died she went on her own as a singer. During this time she had her biggest hit A Tisket- A Tasket. Ella's first love A Tisket a Tasket was a number one hit for 17 weeks! A Tisket a Tasket Middle Life Ella married Benny Kiorneggy. Benny was a criminal. He worked as a dockworker. Later on Benny and Ella got divorced.
After she Got Divorced Ella Married Ray Brown. Ray Borwn was a producer. During Married life Ella adopted her sister Frances child and named Him Ray Brown Junior. After a few years of marriage the couple divorced but still remained friends. End Of Life a few years before Ella died she was Diagnosed with Diabetes. The diabetes left her blind. She has circulatory problems which led to Ella getting her legs amputated. Ella died June 15,1996 in Beverly Hills. She died of circulatory problems, diabetes, and old age.
She was buried in the Sanctuary of Bella at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood California Ella's death Ella led a fulfilled life.
Ella gained 13 Grammys in her lifetime.
She had 200 albums and was known as the best Scat Singer. Her Nicknames were "First Lady of song" and "Lady Ella". Ella had showed that any race can become famous. Contributations Resources http://www.ellafitzgerald.com/ http://www.biography.com/people/ella-fitzgerald-9296210 http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar199010&st=ella+fitzgerald Youtube Ella Fitzgerald Scat Singing http://www.last.fm/music/Ella+Fitzgerald Summertime featuring Louis Armstrong Summertime
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