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p9-Riley Salzman

No description

Know Strength

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of p9-Riley Salzman

The land the between two rivers Mesopotamia The highest rank were the Priests. You can tell that a person is a priest because they have a shaved head. The next highest rank was the upper class. The next class is the lower Class, and last rank are the slaves.
The priests were the highest honor in Mesopotamia. Society Rules Ziggurats were the temples of Mesopotamia.
They were built in the center of each town.
At the top of the ziggurat religious ceremony were held.
Only Priests were allowed at the top of it. Ziggurats? Mesopotamians invented a lot of the things we still use. For instance they invented writing, irrigation, money, the wheel, and sail boat. They also made their houses out of mud bricks. Inventions Cuneiform was they way Mesopotamians wrote. Now cuneiform wasn't wrote with words and letters, it was wrote with pictures and symbols. Cuneiform became an official written language around the year of 5,000 BC.
The three most recorded things that mesopotamians wrote down were house hold goods, court activitys and sales. Cuneiform Mesopotamia is between the middle eastern rivers, The Tigris, and the Euphrates river. It is also where the fertile crescent is. The fertile crescent was in the current countrys of Syria and Iraq. Where was Mesopotamia? Gilgamesh was the great king of Uruk. Many people believed he was half man, half god. Who was Gilgamesh? Hammurabi was the first Mesopotamian king. Unlike other kings, Hammurabi didn't hire people to do his work. He built his own roads. In fact we use his rode system today. He also made over 200 laws, most of them we still use today. People are still arguing about whether his laws were fair or cruel. Since whether his laws are fair or cruel are opinions, it will never be officially decided. Who was Hammurabi?
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