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Taylor County's Flipped Classrooms

Jessica McCubbin

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Self-Paced

Phase 1
Phase 2
The Framework to Our Success
Collaboration was key to our sanity in the planning stages
Explored Khan Academy and video recording software
The Essentials
The Learning Phase
The Refining Phase
The Fruits of Our Labor!
Our Version of the Flipped Classroom
Had initial meeting at the end of June, 2012
Stressed over what this would look like
Had July to create first 3 units
Not sure when the technology would be in!
Technology (iPads)
Wi-fi upgrades
Administrative support
Letter to Parents/iPad Contract
Unit Guides
Established Peer Coaching Concept
Active Listening Activity
Request to Retest
Recording Software
Progress Monitoring Charts
Set unit deadlines & teach them how to self-pace
Teach them how to be responsible for their own learning (checking their work)
Teach them how to work collaboratively
Teach ourselves how to facilitate our "new" classroom
Student survey by survey monkey and class changes as a result
Our videos vs. Khan videos
Bellringer on Educreations app (interactive whiteboard)
Checking probation, group realignments
Set mini deadlines to stay on track throughout the unit
That Was Me!
Stages of a Flipped Classroom
Videos are used to support traditional teaching
Stage 1: As a Resource
Stage 2: True Flipping
All students watch the same video lesson prior to coming to class. Class time is devoted to assignments, projects, etc. with teacher/peer support.
Stage 3: Self-Paced Flipping
Students are moving through the curriculum at their own pace. Videos can be watched at school or at home. Teacher becomes facilitator of class.
Recording Software
unlimited free 15 minute recordings
can buy pro account for $15 and record 8+ hours plus have editing capabilities
Save videos files to any location
records your computer screen, so you can use your normal "teaching tools" that you are used to using

unlimited free 15 minute recordings
can watch on knowmia.com or can download and save elsewhere
can record on an iPad
educreations app
interactive whiteboard
can record on iPad
must have educreations account to access videos
Where Do We Put the Videos?
School website
Vbrick distribution system
Google Drive
Collaborize Classroom
"It always seems impossible until it's done."
-Nelson Mandela

Contact us!
jessica.mccubbin@taylor.kyschools.us sarah.hayes@taylor.kyschools.us

Visit us!
Performance-Based Education
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