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Arif Billah

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of e-CRM

e-CRM features
Personalized relationship with customers
Offers integrated customer information from all departments into one centralized knowledge base
Customer-centric approach
Employs e-business technologies to extend customer service and offers a variety of solutions tailored to your specific needs
It gives time to customer also to think and plan of explaining his needs.

Moreover, e-CRM enables you to know your customers better, understand their value and use the information to make better marketing, sales and service decisions.

Pavithira (2010) argued that e-CRM can be defined as activities to manage customer relationships by using the internet, web browsers or other electronic touch points. He said e-CRM has become a requirement for survival, not just a competitive advantage.

CRM & e-CRM: The differences
Being able to take care of your customer via internet or customers being able to take care of themselves online, is the difference between CRM and e-CRM.
The philosophical, methodological , systematic process functional differences between CRM and e-CRM are minimal.

So why e-CRM?

The world population is increasing and also increasing users of internet.

Implementation Roadmap of CRM
Gaining insight for the customers (e.g. purchase history, desired products / services)

Produce valuable offerings/products (personalized products or needs) and

Provide the ultimate customer satisfactory experience ( e.g. multiple touch points, 360 degree view of the customers )
e-CRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management)
e-CRM provides Access
Access to create Information
Information Enables Measurement
Measurement is an imperative for Process Improvement
Process Improvement leads to Growth in Revenues & Profit

A real-time view of recency, frequency and monetary value of customers’ interactions as well as their behavior.

Increased profitability and customer loyalty

Marketing efficiency

Improved customer service and support
Cost reduction
Customer confidence while many customers are eager to shop online, many are not

Customer trust customers don’t trust us with their data, especially online.

Legislation some legislation threatens the internet ability to grow as a medium for transacting business
Some links for better understanding how e-crm works in real business world nowadays are given below:


For Curious minders
The best we are 

Thank you!

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