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Death of a Salesman

No description

Lynn-Hyun Jung

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Death of a Salesman

Act 1 Below the surface
Act one is when the reader can start seeing problems with Willy. Willy states that his son Biff is a lazy bum and then turns back around and says that he is anything but lazy. The reader can see Willy contradicting himself and also rambling aloud and focusing on the past.
The Characters at a glance
Willy Loman - insecure salesman that believes in the "American Dream"
Linda Loman - Willy's loving and supporting wife
Happy Loman-Willy's 32 year old younger son
Charley- Willy's neighbor
Bernard- Charley's son and an important lawyer
Ben-Willy's wealthy older brother
The Woman- Willy's Mistress
Stanley-A waiter at Frank's Chop House
Ms. Forsythe and Letta- Two younger women Happy and Biff meet
Jenny- Charley's secretary
Biff Loman- Willys 34 year old, older son

Man this family has issues ...
-Willy Loman is a failed salesman, he is getting older and it is time for him to retire. Willy however believes in the "American Dream" and being successful in sales, he also equates it to popularity.
-Linda Loman, Willy's wife plays the role of an anti-hero, often not telling Willy when something is wrong and unknowingly allowing him and almost encouraging him to continue on his destructive path.
-Biff Loman is the oldest son and has had the pressure of his father weighing down on him since high school. Biff played football nd was quite popular, both allowing him to play football in college. Biff fails a math class and does not have enough credits to graduate. Willy takes most of his frustration out on Biff because of that fact.
-Happy Loman is the younger brothe by two years and is perhaps more "successful than his older brother, however he wont settle down and get married as his parents wish, and can never seem to make them proud no matter what he does.

Act 1 Breakdown In A Nutshell
-Willy gets home late from work, his wife Linda asks him if he got into an automobile accident. Willy says no, but he got tired and moved over on the side of the road. Linda also asks willy to ask his employer for a non traveling job there in New york.

-The two sons Biff and Happy are both visiting for the weekend, but earlier that morning, Willy was criticizing Biff for doing manual labor .
Charley and Willy
Yeah Guys some of this stuff actually matters
Flashback to what professor Spangler lectured on:
Decenter - this is when things get so confusing that a character looses a base of reality, understanding of place in all of the following... family, community, environment

Charley counts out fifty dollars. Charley hesitates but does what is asked of him, Willy asks for over a hundred this time to pay his insurance fees. Charley says that he has offered Willy a non-traveling job with a weekly salary of fifty dollars and scolds Willy for insulting him. Willy refuses the job again, insisting that he already has one, despite Charley’s reminder that Willy earns no money at his job. Sadly Willy admits that Howard fired him.
The ending of the family and Willy's Life
Like honestly I have to explain it
Oh The Drama !!!
Act 2 Breakdown + in a nutshell
-Biff and Happy have come up with a business plan and are meeting a potential investor later, excited by the news they invite their dad out for dinner later that night.
-Willy leaves, he is excited by his sons dinner invitation, he sees a stocking that Linda is mending and, feels guilty about his old affair with The Woman,and yells at Linda to throw the stocking away.
- Willy listens to his wife and goes to his bosses office to request a non traveling job and 65 dollars a week ... his boss pretty much fires him on the spot
Death of a Salesman
-Arthur Miller

Brother Relationship and dynamic in act 1
Biff and Happy are home for the weekend and are remembering the good old days. Biff in act one is upset, confused, and unsure of what he is doing with his life. Happy is two years younger, but is more sure of himself in a professional sense. Biff goes from job to job never staying at one and always making excuses as to why he leaves. Happy is super woried about his dad and him driving as well as talking to himself and believing he is talking to Biff. Happy and Biff make plans to go exploring out west, but the plans will not go through because Happy "dreams" about becoming an executive in his office. Biff and Happy overhear their dad talking to himself and head to bed.
Breakdown of the Woman ... Like who the heck is she
The woman is a unnamed woman whith Willy has had an affair with back in the past, as the play switches between time frames and periods, the reader can see traces of the woman throughout the play.

Biff also discovered the woman when he went to his fathers hotel room when in high school.
The Brothers in Act 2
-Happy and Biff go out that night just as planned, Biff tries to tell Happy About the meeting with Oliver, but happy is flirting with a girl and is not really paying attention to him. Biff starts to question his decisions and choices again and wonders where he got the idea he was a salesman.
Biff also confesses to stealing one of Oliver's fountain pens.
- Happy advises Biff to pretty much lie to his dad and say that the negotiations with Oliver went over well.
Father and Sons in Act 2
-Willy gets to the restaraunt and says to the boys that he has gotten fired and that he wants some good news to tell Linda, Biff tries t tell his father the truth about what happened at olivers office, but Willy won't listen at all.

-Willy enters a semi-daydream state, reliving Biff’s discovery of him and The Woman in their Boston hotel room. A desperate Biff backs down and begins to try to calm Willy down.
Thanks a bunch !
- Jacquelyn Smith

Well this family is done

-Biff and Happy go home later that night with a bouquet of roses for Linda. Linda is super angry and knocks the roses to the ground and shouts at them to pack and never come back. --
- Happy starts lying as usual and claims that Willy had a great time at dinner. Linda calls her sons a variety of names and accuses them of abandoning their sick father in a restaurant bathroom. Happy, denies everything, but Biff accepts the judgment and wholeheartedly endorses his own degradation and status as “scum of the earth.
Willy discusses a guaranteed $20,000 proposition with Ben. Ben warns that the insurance company might not honor the policy. Willy believes that since he has always paid the premium, the company cannot refuse. Willy says that Biff will realize how important he is once he sees the number of people who attend his funeral. Ben warns that Biff will call him a coward and hate him. Willy is, of course, contemplating suicide, which would allow his family to cash in on his life insurance policy.
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