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Wrongly Convicted :Nelson Mandela

No description

Kurt Davis

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of Wrongly Convicted :Nelson Mandela

Wrongly Convicted: Nelson Mandela wrongly convicted crime. he has been charged for treason and sabotage against the south african government
he has been sentenced to life in prison for voicing his opinon.
he is serving his sentence at pollsmoor prison. manedela release President f.w de klerk should
reverse the anti apartheid
ban and let black people voice
there opinion on things they
want for there country. nelson mandela was
born on 18 july 1918.
he attended fort hare
university and studied
a bachelor of arts.
his birth name was
rolihalah meaning
"trouble maker" it
was then changed to
nelson by a school
teacher mandela was south
africas first black
president he served 27 years
of his life imprisoned
when he was released
he stated his main focus
was to bring peace
between blacks and whites
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