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energy 5th grade

No description

April Farr

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of energy 5th grade

Two Basic kinds of Energy
Kinetic Energy
kinetic energy- the energy of motion, or energy in use.
When does the tennis ball have
kinetic energy?
Potential Energy
potential energy- is the energy an object has because of where it is or because of its condition.
When does the bouncing ball have the most potential energy?
Transformation of Energy
Energy can't be created or destroyed. This is the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Energy can change forms several times during one activity. The amount of energy is always the same, but its form keeps changing.
Compare the avalanche and the pole vaulter on pgs F62 & F63
Why is there potential energy in the pole vaulter? in the snow?
When does the snow have no potential energy?
When does the pole vaulter and snow have kinetic energy?
Forms Of Energy
Kinetic energy
Electric energy
Thermal energy
Mechanical energy
Light energy
Sound energy

Potential energy
Chemical energy
Potential energy
Elastic Potential

1.What is energy?
2. What is kinetic energy?
3. You use mechanical energy to walk around. What form did this energy have before your body changed it to mechanical energy?
4. If you toss a ball in the air, at what point does it have the most potential energy?
5. Which law states that energy can't be created or destroyed?
When it is falling toward the floor or bouncing up from the floor.
Before you let go, and at the top of each bounce.
The pole vaulter consumes food that gives him potential energy. The snow at the top of the mountain is in the place where the force of gravity can pull it down, and so it has potential energy.
Kinetic &
Potential Energy
Electric Energy
Light & Sound
Thermal & Chemical
is the ability to cause changes
in matter.
ie: energy can change solid ice to liquid water.
The change of energy back and forth between kinetic and potential energy.
When the pole vaulter is moving; when the snow is falling down the mountain.
When at the bottom of the mountain.
Mechanical Energy
Thermal Energy
Chemical Energy
Sound Energy
Electric Energy
Light Energy
Elastic potential Energy
Gravitational potential

energy is the ability to cause change in matter.
energy in motion
chemical energy food
the instant it stops rising and is about to fall
B, the law of conservation of energy
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