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Ancient Rome

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By. Elina and Shahryar Ancient Rome politics and government Ancient Rome Kings ruled Rome until 510 B.C. when the citizens expelled the last king Tarquin the proud. Julius Caesar was a great general and important leader in Rome. He reorganized the army he also improved the way provinces were governed Environment Farms used to be in a state called a villa . Some of the crops grown the farmers were radishes,oat,barley,cabbages,lettuce,carrot,grapes,dates,pears,cherries,and apples. Religion Roman people believed that Jesus was the chosen one by their god. He had lots of believers by the age of 27-28 and especially the poor believed in him. Economy Some of the Romans made a living by farming such as growing fruits and vegetables . Also some of the Romans worked in bakeries . They sold buns, cakes and cookies. Culture Faces in stone carved pictures, in layered stone is called Cameos. Cameos often portrayed important people. Emperors and Provincial Governs arranged chariot races and violent games to amuse people on the frequent public holidays. Often they had battles in the Colosseum. Intellect When there was thunder the people thought Zeus was angry. After you died you went to Hades Lair and the gods went to heaven. Latin was the official language in the West Roman Empire. Since the Ancient Romans did not want one man to make all of the laws.
They decided to balance the power of the government
between three branches.There was first the executive branch, then the legislative branch, and finally the
judicial branch.

The rich and powerful people of ancient Rome were the patricians, who governed the city from the Senate During the Roman time, much of the crops were raised on large estates know as latifundia (16F). The farms were staffed mostly by slaves from conquered countries. In some ways Roman religion is a lot like the Greek religion, but in other ways it is very different. Like the Greeks and the Romans thought that there were many gods, and that these gods each controlled different parts of the world: storms, the ocean, marriage, black smiths and so forth.

With the money they got from selling their crops, these Roman farmers also bought clothes ,furniture and tools. They bought animals to sacrifice to the gods. The Romans worshiped thousands of gods. As they expanded their empire, they discovered new gods worshiped by other cultures. When they ran into a god that sounded interesting, they adopted it. Social Most of the modern medical tools were first created by the ancient Romans. The Romans saw the primitive tools that the Greeks were using for medicine, and they decided that they needed to upgraded. These advanced medical tools were one of the reasons that the Romans had such a great army because they had the tools to heal their soldiers quickly. Introduction Hello my name is Elina and my name is Shahryar. Today we are going to talk about Ancient Rome. medical tools The End Thank you very much for watching. The Colosseum Face carved in stone Jesus Did You Know? list of Roman gods and goddesses that are in Roman mythology.
Ceres - the goddess of farming and the Earth.
Cupid - the god of love. (son of Venus)
Diana - the goddess of the moon.
Fortuna - the goddess of luck.
Janus - the god of gates and doors.
Juno - the queen of the gods.
Jupiter - the king of the gods.
Mars - the god of war.
Mercury - the god of thieves, commerce and travelers.
Neptune - the god of the sea.
Pluto - god of the underworld.And all the riches under the earth.
Venus - goddess of love and beauty.
Vulcan - the god of fire, volcanoes and blacksmiths. Zeus
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