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NP1 - Hello Na'vi

Na'vi Prezis are a new set of prezis that will introduce you to the language and help you learn it in an easy way. Made by Le'eylan (leeylan@hotmail.com) www.forum.learnnavi.org

Le'eylan forum.learnnavi.org

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of NP1 - Hello Na'vi

This lesson will introduce you to the language,
and some useful phrases.
And remember, in the beginning,
we're all , just like Jake. But hopefully you
will not think that "the language is a pain."
A good start...
..is to know what the language looks like.
Txewì lu 'evengan a solalew zìsìt avomun. Mì sray apxa kelku si soaiahu. Soaia lu hì'i – nì'aw sempul, sa'nok, tsmukan alu Loak a solalew zìsìt amevopey, sì Txewì. Ke lu poru kea smuke.
... and maybe a little closer idea of what it sounds like.
This is a Na'vi version of the Chrismas carol "Silent Night".
Na'vi, here I come!
A good thing to know about Na'vi, is when you're talking to someone, you need to use the word .
You put it in front of the one/ones you're talking to.
It's used several times in the movie, for example:
Ma Tsu'tey! Kempe si nga?
What are you doing, Tsu'tey?
Kaltxì ma evi!
Hello, children!
My first words
If you want to greet someone,
repeat what Grace said in a previous slide;
Or you can say something like .
If you choose the very famous ,
don't forget the gesture:
Neytiri teaches Jake some easy words in the movie;
(which doesn't mean forehead..)
Trr lefpom
Oel ngati kameie
Choose between ,
or .
Or if it's late, you can be a bit friendlier
than Neytiri, and instead of just turning around, you can say .
Eywa ngahu
Txon lefpom
Fyape fko syaw ngar?
Oeru fko syaw Jakesully.
Ngari solalew polpxaya zìsìt?
Oeri solalew _______a zìsìt.
We will learn numbers later on.

Important note:
the number must
be put together with the "a".
Ngaru lu fpom srak?
What you know
Kaltxì, Trr lefpom, Oel ngati kameie
Kìyevame, Txon lefpom, Hayalovay, Eywa ngahu
Fyape fko syaw ngar? Oeru fko syaw _________.
Ngari solalew polpxaya zìsìt? Oeri solalew ______a zìsìt.
Ngaru lu fpom srak? Sran(e)/Kehe
The (lack of) "the/a/an" in Na'vi

mikyun, nari, skxawng, sran(e), kehe, lu
Made by
Eywa Neytiri Mo'at Tsu'tey Eytukan Seze Toruk Makto Omatikaya Toruk
Some other words in the movie are
, , , , ,
, , and .

for more lessons.
Pictures from
- important words!
A shorter and easier answer to this question is just:
Oe lu Jakesully.
Lu is a good verb to remember!
(srane is sometimes
shortened into sran)
The & a/an?
In Na'vi, there's no way to say "the" or put "a/an" in front of a noun. You just have to assume from the context what is being said.

If Neytiri says
She could be saying "Jake is a moron." or "Jake is the moron."
What is more likely?
Another example: Grace says
Does she just mean "Hi, children!" or "Hi the children!"
What is more likely?
"Jake lu skxawng."
"Kaltxì, ma evi!"
(You can just say the number, although this is colloquial.)
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