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Russian Involment In World War One

No description

jon Lundy

on 22 May 2016

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Transcript of Russian Involment In World War One

Russia's first attack in WW1 was against Germany in East Prussia
August, 1914
August 26, 1914
“My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat, situation excellent. I attack.”
― Ferdinand Foch
Russian Artillery In Formation
Russian Artillary Bombardment of Galacia
The First and Second Russian Army compromised German positions in East Prussia
They outran their logistical support.
The German Army advanced between both Russian armies.
Within four days of fighting, the Russian Second Army was defeated.
The Russian First Army was driven completely out of Prussia.
Russian Bombardment of Tannenburg
Russia made the Austrian army retreat

September 3, 1914 Russian Army captured Lemburg, the capitol of Galacia

The Russian Army continued on to Cracow
Jon Lundy
Monday May 22, 1916
Tanner Johnson
August 1, 1914
Russia Enters World War One
Russian Retreat
Russia had 1.4 million soldiers at start of war.

Russian Army at its largest was 5 million soldiers.

Russia could not arm all of it's soldiers

Russia only had 4.6 million rifles

General Sukhomlinov was the Russian Ministry of War.

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich was named Commander in Chief.
July 9, 1915
The German Army forces the Russian Army out Lemburg

General Sukhomlinov was arrested in the beginning of 1916

He was replaced by General Alexis Polivanov

In August, Tsar Nicholas assumed personal command of the Russian Military from Nikolai Kikolaevich
Russian Involment In World War One
Russia's Final Offensive
May 22, 1916
The Russian Army started an offensive operation

The front of the offensive was nearly 400 kilometers long.

It inflicted heavy losses on the Austrian-Hungarian Army

Protests continued in Russia, increasing with the new offensive.

Workers, peasants and soldiers supported the ending of the war.

During the protests thousands of people were arrested.
Important People
General Sukhomlinov

Tsar Nicholas

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich

General Alexis Polivanov
After War Facts
Between 900,000 and 2,500,000 Russians were killed

Nearly 4,000,000 Russian soldiers were held as POWs

8,000,000,000 rubles in war debts were outstanding

The gold reserves were nearly empty

By 1917, Kulaks owned more than 90% of the arable land in Russia
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