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EO M232.04 Explain the functions of oil in a four-stroke pis

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Hang Hu

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of EO M232.04 Explain the functions of oil in a four-stroke pis

By: FSgt. Hu
EO M232.04 Explain the functions of oil in a four-stroke piston-powered engine
 Oil creates a smooth surface between parts.
 Has different grades and viscositie
 The viscosity affects the oil’s stickiness, with low-viscosity flowing more easily than high-viscosity.
Oil thins as the temperature raises.
 Engine manufacturers will often specify what oils to use and this direction should be followed to avoid engine wear.
 Lubricating
 Sealing
 Cooling
 Flushing

Oil has four roles
 Oil prevents the expanding gases from leaking out during the power stroke.
 It does so by creating a barrier between the engine components
 High viscosity oil provides the best seal for the combustion chamber.
Low viscosity allows more oil to be delivered to bearing surfaces.

 Engine parts get hot and needs to be cooled.
 Oil carries the heat away and equalizes the temperature within the engine.
 Oil must maintain its viscosity while it’s near the heat of the combustion chamber.
 Once again, this is taken into account when specifying what oil to use.

Oil removes and holds tiny particles and grit (which are harmful to the engine).
 Oil carries away dirt and debris from the engine as it flows through.
 Oil and the oil filter has to be changed regularly
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