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take 1 ppt and mix

how many different ways can I use a powerpoint to deliver training? LOTS!

Tracie Regan

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of take 1 ppt and mix

Take 1 PowerPoint and Mix
Most people I know can use MS Office PowerPoint to deliver a presentation
it's easy - find some images and add text
have you heard of death by ppt?
let's take a fresh approach and re-think how to use these slides
method 1.
work in the Cloud.
Share the file with others using Dropbox or SugarSync.

Use it as a collaboration opportunity to gather feedback.
method 2.
Transform your Powerpoint into an e-learning opportunity using iSpring https://www.ispringsolutions.com/
method 3.
Open your presentation for comment using free membership to Slideshare.
Create study flashcards from images of your slides using Flashcard Machine.
method 4.
method 5.
Podcast the audio from your presentation using free membership to audioboom https://audioboom.com/
method 6.
Upload your presentation to Google Docs, transforming your teacher led instruction to a learner centered collaboration opportunity.
thanks for watching.
got any ideas on mixing it up?
let me know by commenting on this Prezi, Tracie Regan
method 9.
Create a Word Cloud from your slide notes.
method 7.
Ask students to discuss images of slides using Voicethread. This can be a useful evaluation strategy for higher thinking learning.
last updated 06 Sept 2018
Add a QR code to your slide for more interactivity. This is useful in print versions of your slides to extend the learning to a website.
method 8.
Use this as a learning activity -
select words from this group to explain...

method 10.
Present your slides accompanied with handout notes tailored to the learning activity.
The easiest way to do this is duplicate your presentation and adjust the slide notes to the viewpoint of your reader. This creates 2 versions - one for teaching and one for learning.
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