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Information Technology

Basics of Software.

Traci Self

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Information Technology

By: Abbie Self Information Technology Types of Computers Input and Output Devices What are they? What do they do for computer. These are the parts that make a up a computer. Operating Systems and Computer Software Windows OS and MAC OS. Tablets Tablets are a type of portable computer that people can use for work, games, etc. Most tablets react to human touch input, which means you can use your fingers to maneuver it. Anyone could use this type of computer easily, as it is very user friendly. A tablet is mostly used as something to play games on, read books on, or enjoy listening to music on. Tablets may weigh one to two pounds or lighter. Laptop/Netbook Laptops are personal computers that people can transport to fit their needs. Netbooks are small laptops that complete mostly the same tasks as laptops. Mostly people that use them are business workers or people who need something that they can easily keep up with but can also use it to do what they need to do. Most people use these types of computers for work purposes. The weight of a netbook can be any where from 2.2 pounds to 3.2 pounds. Laptops typically weigh about 6 pounds or 2.72 kg. Smartphones/PDA's These are main types of computers. A Smartphone or PDA combines things like telephone calls, calendars, note pads, and other helpful features. Lots of people use this type of computer for calling others or using it to remind themselves of tasks. The size and capacity of a smartphone or PDA depends on the kind you get. Desktop Computers Desktops Computers are computers that are typically used at home, or in work place. They function like a basic computer. Most people that use these computers are average people. It can be used as something to look things up on, do work on, or check your email on. It can also be used as many other things. The average desktop can weigh anywhere from 20-30 pounds. Mainframe Computers Mainframe computers are large computers used mostly by government or corporate organizations. People that use this kind of computer might work for a large organization. It may be used for work purposes. A mainframe computer can weigh alot! Super Computer Super Computers are at the frontline of current processing capacity. Super Computers do a lot of things, for example predict the weather, or research global warming. People that use them work for large companies. Super Computers can take up a lot of space. They can fill whole room. Components of a Computer CPU The CPU or Central Processing Unit of a computer is the part that carries out the instructions of a Computer Program. It is where most calculations take place. http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/C/CPU.html Hard Drive The part of the computer called the hard drive, is where all the computer's information is stored. All you files and documents that you have saved onto your computer, are stored here.
http://www.techterms.com/definition/harddrive The speaker on a computer is where the sound comes out. They are an output device.
http://www.techterms.com/definition/speakers Speaker ROM The ROM, which stands for Read Only Memory, is a part of the computer where data has been pre-recorded.
http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/R/ROM.html RAM RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM in your computer is the main memory.
http://www.kids-online.net/learn/click/details/ram.html Mother Board The Mother Board is the control center of the computer. It connects all the computer's components together and helps the to run. Power Supply The power supply in the computer is very important. The power supply is what makes the computer function. It gives it energy.
http://computer.howstuffworks.com/power-supply.htm Power Cord Plug The power plug on a computer is what connects the computer to an outlet, so that the computer will function.
http://www.askkia.com/articles/what-does-a-power-supply-do.html Input and Output Devices An input device is the information that goes into your computer, and an output device is the information that comes out. Examples of Input Devices Things such as joysticks, mouses, webcams, cameras, microphones, and scanners are examples of input devices.

http://allaboutbasic.com/2010/12/14/277/ Examples of Output Devices Output devices are things like printers, monitors, speakers and projectors.

http://allaboutbasic.com/2010/12/14/277/ Windows OS Windows OS, or Windows Operating System, is a computer system that has many features. It comes with many special programs such as Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger, and helpful tools. Windows has been shown to operate up to 60% faster than other computer programs. People that use Windows say that they rarely have issues with Windows, and it runs fast and diligently.

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/meet MAC OS MAC OS, or MAC operating system is also a well working program. The MAC OS allows owners to interact with programs made for Apple hardware. Many artists, Film Makers, and Print Media recommend MAC OS because of it's great operating. It also has features that help to make in a great operating system. Such as Notepad, Camera, and other things.
http://www.operating-system.org/betriebssystem/_english/bs-macos.htm Software Productivity Software Productivity Software is computer programs that help the user work more effectively. An example of this software is Microsoft Office Word. Productivity Software, Anti-Virus Software, and Filtering Software Anti-Virus Software Anti-Virus Software is software that protects your computer from viruses. An example of this software is Norton 360. Filtering Software Filtering Software is a type of software that makes some pages unavailable to users, depending on its content. An example of this software is Barracuda Networks.


https://www.barracudanetworks.com/products/webfilter?&a=google-na_WebFilter-BizTech_InternetFilter&kw=internet%20filter&gclid=CM-45Pys5rQCFQf0nAodCVsATA Buying a Computer 8 questions to ask yourself when buying a computer. What kind of Computer do I Want?

When choosing your own computer, you should first identify what kind of computer you want. After all, your going to be the one using it. What is My Price Range? When buying a computer, you must come up with your own price range. You don't want to spend an unreasonable amount of money on your computer, but you also want to get a good computer. What am I Going to Use My Computer for? Before you buy a computer, you need to decide what you are going to use it for. Are you going to use in for work purposes? This question is an important thing to know before you buy your computer. What is the Operating System? Before purchasing a computer, you may want to decide what operating system you want your computer have. This could be key in making sure that your computer does what you need it to do. How Much Memory do I need my Computer to have? How much memory do you need your computer to have? What are you planning to put on the computer, and how much space will it take up? What Kind of Programs do I Need? Do you need things like Microsoft Word to complete tasks for work, school, etc.? Will it Be Used in a Business or Home? You should decide where you will putting your computer. In a business or at home? How Long are You Going to Keep your computer? All computers are designed to last a certain amount of time. You should decide how long you need your computer to work.
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