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Copy of Patterns and Effects During the Post Classical Period

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Aaron Ching

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Patterns and Effects During the Post Classical Period

Trade Affects Asia-China, Europe, Middle East, India Trade = Spread of Technology and Religion paper, printing, and explosives from china spread toward middle east and on to Europe at the End of post classical period, china's inventions move westward Ideas spread Spread of Indian Mathematics to middle east arab mathematics mix with greek and indian achievments with arab innovations and reach western europe Indian Ocean trade Slaves and metals from Africa, porcelain from China, pottery from Burma, cloth from India going through trade routes cveated by monsoons. Arabs, Indians, Malayans, and Indonesians; lasted until 1400s when direct trade began with others Brought prosperity to East Africa through the development of trading networks into the interior of the continent; set stage for the rise of African trading cities such as Sofala and Kilwa; Swahili, mix of Arabic and Bantu languages The Silk Road The Silk Road was major in bringing Asia nations onto the world scene with all their strange interesting products.
It also connected to Europe to make this one large intercontinental trade route.
In the middle of the Silk Road was the Middle East, which also grabbed up on the profits of trade Diplomats sent for specific negotiations, returning immediately after their mission
Diplomats were usually high rank that gave them legitimacy when they negotiated with the other state.
War diplomats were sent for different reasons. Asia- China Chinese sent envoys into Central Asia, India, and Persia.
Since the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese sent diplomatic envoys far on maritime missions into the Indian Ocean, to places like India, Persia, Arabia, East Africa, and Egypt.
Chinese maritime activity grew dramatically during the Song Dynasty Middle East Diplomatic traditions differ in some places then others
Bilateral Diplomacy
In the Middle East, the Ottoman Turks wouldn’t sent out diplomats on missions expect representatives from Instanbul. Catholic Church
Monastaries Europe Increased Trade
Wealth increased
New cities and maritime ports
New products, ideas, and cultures were spread Development of better ships and new navigational devices.
Long distance travel Increased War Diplomacy
New Weapons
Protection Seduced merchants spread religion Strengths of Postclassical India Economic production and trade Merchant Guilds and great merchant families controlled in Indian trade, social life, politics, & culture Guilds provided wealth thru taxation, important products from foreign lands, lending money to kings, and financing cultural activities like temples Powerful guilds can own armies to defend the guilds’ interests Groups like Indians Arabs, Persians, and Jews, intermingled & exchanged products and ideas in market towns of India Agriculture growth led to population growth and urbanization. This combined with specialized industrial trade, resulted in economic growth for the region India's location resulted in products from the maritime trade networks of east Africa, Arabia, Persia, and Southeast Asia Negotiation, persuasion and conciliation were of ancient India's diplomatic system. They were effective instruments in averting war, which would led in much bloodshed and economic distress Continuous economic growth
Large maritime trade The Americas Trade had a significant impact on post classical societies that led to increases and new ideas in their society, religion and the economy. War Diplomacy protected and helped to negotiate with other societies making contact and led to more protection, violence, and weaponry where as international organizations weren’t as present not making an impact due to the time period and ever changing societal life style. India War Diplomacy Patterns and Effects During the Post Classical Period
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conquered tribes
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