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Selfawareness & conversation GROW model

introduction to the GROW model

Margaux Goumaz

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Selfawareness & conversation GROW model

The GROW model G R W O TO TOPIC What is the discussion's topic?
What do you want to talk about?
On what do you want to act? CHANGE OR DIE Topic: how to adapt the lifestyle after
having a heart surgery? GOAL In regard to the topic, what are the goals?
What are the objectives to fulfill?
What do I want to achieve? How can I deal with the situation
and live a long healthy life?
What did I do wrong in the past? REALITY Reality's assessment
What is the actual situation?
How far am I from my goals? What was my lifestyle before surgery?
What were the causes of the infarctus ?
What is the actual lifestyle e.g. alimentary diet? Alcohol consumption etc... OPTIONS What can I do in order to change?
What are the steps, which need to
be taken in order to reach my goal?
What are my options?

BUT also what are the possible OBSTACLES?
And how can I cope or avoid these obstacles? What can I actually change in my way of living to get healthier?
What food habits should I change?
Should I take up a sport etc... WRAP-UP Commitment to actions/steps?
What will you do next?
What will you actually do?
What, how, when, with whom etc... Will you commit and stick to the measures
that need to be taken?
Will you quit smoking?
Will you eat more vegetables and less donuts?
Will you practice some sport etc Summary TO pic
G oal
R eality
O ption
W rap-up &
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