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Book Report

A Walk to Remember.

Ashley Wilkerson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Book Report

Book Report Landon is the main character in the story.

Jamie Sullivan is the flat character in the story.

Hegbert Sullivan is a Static Character. Main Characters A Walk to Remember
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Report By: Ashley Wilkerson Setting This story is mostly taken in all kinds of settings like:
-Daytime, for school
-Night time when Landon goes home from Jamie's house.
-Their houses
-The weather was warm when school first started
-Toward the end of the book the climate got colder. Theme This book is mostly about love. Landon is a popular kid who could careless about Jamie. On the other hand jamie was a sweet, and nice girl. They're both seniors in high school who signed up for the christmas play. That's when they first talked. Landon went to Jamie's house to rehearse and soon later fell in love with her. They began to date and later on got married. Summary A walk to remember is a fabulous book. It has all kinds of settings and themes in the book. Landon and Jamie both are two seniors in school who signed up to be in the christmas play. They never talked before because they both live totally opposite life styles. landon is a popular kid, and Jamie is a sweet girl who always carries around a bible. Landon would go to Jamies house everyday after school to rehearse. He began to have feelings for her, which made her feel the same way. A tragic thing happened to Jamie. Making landon to never want to lose her. He asked her to marry him. They got married and later on that year she died, Landon never moved on. Point of View A walk to remember is a first person point of view.Landon is telling all the readers the story of the events between him and Jamie in Beaufort, North Carolina, from 1958 to 1959. Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Literary Elements
"Old enough that you could almost see through the guys skin."(pg.3) "...Been with the church since moses parted the Red Sea." (pg.3)
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