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Dominique Mandonnaud

No description

Kenzie Clark

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Dominique Mandonnaud

Dominique Mandonnaud
Sephora was originally called Shop 8. Its name changed in 1993 when Dominique's perfumery really started to get popular. He wanted a name that would actually mean something. Zipporah, (Moses wife), in greek meant "sephos" which in English means pretty.
The store was founded in 1969. Which makes the store 46 years old. Sephora stores are located all over the world, and typically found in every mall. The first official Sephora store is New York, founded in 1997.
My entrepreneur sold his company to LVMH in 1997, a conglermorate, a large business, in France. The company makes millions from selling amazing brands and a line of cosmetics of their own.
There are 1,900 Sephora stores in 29 different countries now. When Mandonnaud sold his company to LVMH they spread it too 21 countries with 750 stores at the time. Sephora also sells there own line in JCPenny and Macy's. Making the business bigger and more known to everyone.
Dominique was creative when he opened Shop 8 wanting it to be like no store before. His creative thinking lead him to trying before you buy, to smell, touch, test, and wear before you made your final purchase. This creative idea lead him to success.
His Passion
Dominique's passion was to make a women make her feel better about herself. It was to do something no one had ever done before, which created a chain reaction with every perfume store you can think of. Trying before you buy.
Dominique Mandonnaud
Try Before You Buy
Back in 1969, perfume and makeup were hidden behind counters. Restricting customers from being able to experience the products. It was revolutio9nary when Dominique did the unheard of, totry before you buy. Instead of hiding behind a counter, he put his products out in front of his customers faces to give them an exciting experience each time.
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