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Nike Massaging Shoes'

No description

Devlin Watkins

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Nike Massaging Shoes'

Nike Massaging Shoes These shoes will be only $89.99. These shoes will be available in the colors red, green, purple, pink, blue, and gray. They will only be available in the Nike Factories and Stores. You will never have shin splints, sour feet and legs and our audience will never want to stop running and then get in shape. Our audience that we're going to get will be triathletes,college,high school, and middle school runners. The apeal that were going to use is, logos, "90% of the people who used these running shoes started to enjoy running more and got in shape. We will also be using the ethos appeal, We will have James Stewart saying," I'm James Stewart and I have never won more races in a year with training in the new Nike Massaging Shoes."
The propaganda technique that we'll be using is the testimonial because, our audience will trust James because, he is one of the fastest people on earth that rides a motocross bike on earth.
The emotions that are going to be in our campaign are, trust, confidence, honesty, and frustration. We are using these emotions because, they will trust James Stewart, gain confidence that the shoes will work, honesty when we say that 90% of the people that have used the shoes have started to like running more and got in shape, last but most important the audience will get frusterated because they want to be fit to and buy the shoes to become fit. We believe that they will want to be fit and with these shoes they'll have a chance to do this without paying over $500 a year. By: Devlin Watkins, Dylan Salinas,
Jake Sawyer, and Manuel Reyes Nike Massaging Shoes The Best shoes to run in and get
in shape with By: Devlin Watkins,
Dylan Salinas, Jake Sawyer, and
Manuel Reyes Nike Massaging Shoes Only $89.99
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