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sumit maharjan

on 23 November 2017

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Industry Analysis

1 . Future outlook and trends

Name Entrepreneurs:
Sugan Shrestha
Barsha Bajracharya
Sami Regmi
Saugat Dhungana
Bishwas Gurung
Sagar Sitaula

What is hydroponic farming?
Hydroponics is a subset of hydro culture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

Mission and Objective of Business

Establishment of an intensive farm.

Executive Summary

Dedicated towards production of high quality products
The development and training of skilled and semi-skilled staff in the hydroponics market.
Combination of cutting edge, high quality, efficient food technology and production.

Company Description
Fresh farm Nepal is dedicated towards providing fresh and healthy products to the Food industry.
The company’s main aim is to provide fresh and healthy products with minimum to no use of harmful pesticides

Target households and hotels/restaurants in its first phase of its operations.
After paying off its debts , we will increase its production capacity and increase its target customers to include supermarkets and larger hotels.

Producing high quality products for the local market.

Provide knowledge about hydroponics to general population and help residential to build roof top hydroponics gardens.

Aims to provide fresh and healthy product to the Nepali food market

Will provide guidance to people who want to start their own hydroponics garden

2. Analysis of Competitors

There are some institutions that are conducting research in hydroponics but none of them are commercial ventures.
Fresh Farm Nepal intends to properly introduce hydroponics in Nepal.
The main competitors of Fresh Farm Nepal are the traditional farms currently being operated in Nepal

The costs involved in hydroponics farming are larger
It has to make sure that the plants grow properly and checking the pH level of the water has to be done
The amount of food nutrients being introduced among other things whicincreases the final cost of the product.

Fresh Farm Nepal will initially sell its products at a competitive price with little to no profit.

After the initial phase (6 to 12 months of market entry) Fresh Farm Nepal will have captured a wide variety of markets with healthier products increasing the company’s overall profit.

Market Segmentation

Fresh Farm Nepal has identified the following target market segments

Description of Venture

Fresh Farm Nepal is a new venture which intends to supply healthy products with little to no pesticides introduced to the product.
For the initial phase Fresh Farm Nepal will produce the following products:


Operation Plan

Flow of orders for goods

With online or telephoning ordering
We will have mainly local people and small or medium organizations
Owned medium of vehicles will be used

Technology utilization
Fresh Farm Nepal is using hydroponics technique to grow vegetables which is EBB and flow system.

Marketing Plan
Based on generating awareness and visibility and ability to produce the highest percentages of organic products.

The strategy will rely on several different forms of communication.

The main form is participation in the numerous trade shows for the industry
It is a wonderful place to network as well as learn about new developments in the industry.

The second form of communication will be the use of advertisements
The main venues will be magazines and newspapers, news in TV, Radio etc.
Free samples can be distributed to our potential customers.
Price is the important factor for successfully running the business in long run.

The company would try to keep the prices as low as possible as they are new to the market

Sell its product in a very reliable price so it can capture attention of people.


Assessment of risk
Weakness of business

New competitors may arise.
load shedding
Increase in price of goods.
Raw materials and fuel scarcity
Political instability

Contingency plans
Maintaining of backups like, monetary backup, tools and goods backups, etc.
More facilities than competitors with same cost.
Provide satisfaction to the people according to their needs.
Sell products at less than market price.
Balance sheet for 5 years (short term plan)
Profit Possibility Chart
Current ratio analysis
Inventory turnover ratio Analysis
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