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[C:F] IdeeaLab's SocialCV: Connecting youths to opportunities by Team SureViva

Social CV is an intuitive, multi-faceted, location-based web & mobile application that incorporates gaming elements & mixed reality to enhance global productivity to solve not only today's but also tomorrow's problems.

M. Ibnur Rashad B. Zainal A

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of [C:F] IdeeaLab's SocialCV: Connecting youths to opportunities by Team SureViva

IdeeaLab's Social Agora Social Agency Social Abode Social Arena Marketplace Information Hub Internships & Jobs Scholarships Others Corporate Storefronts Products Creative Works Skill Sets Academic Achievements Creative Portfolio Experience Mail Settings Review Offers Skill Tree Skill Tree Review Testimonials synchronized with Facebook App Mobile App used for Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
information exchange location-based services real-time updates Competitions Freelance Projects Team Spaces STAKEHOLDER VALUE Companies
(e.g. Gaming) Cost Savings Demographic Specific Ideas Pre-Vetted Candidates Time Savings Institutes of Higher
Learning Institutes of Higher Learning Socialights Internships 1st employment Scholarships Monetary Incentive Opportunities for Students Research Ideas Access to Potential Scholars
& Award Winners an open innovation collaboration between AGORA = OPEN place of assembly

= Marketplace + Forum (Information Hub)

= Innovation + Innovators! Ideas So, how is SocialCV different? It's immersive, integrated & intuitive. 3D virtual marketplace
to meet up & trade with other
Socialights & Companies :) Where Socialights battle it out! Companies Social Agencies Business/Social Problems Crowdsource Best Solution WINS! + $$$ :) Non-governmental
Organizations (NGOs) Individuals Teams Social Agencies form form Special SocialCV
Debit Card + + So, how is SocialCV different? It allows Socialights to put their skills to the test, develop teamwork & earn money too. Socialights can use collaborative tools, equipped with Speech-to-Text, Auto-Translation & Auto-Subtitling (overcoming language barriers). (aka the Home page/dashboard) Mode & Mood Personality Quizzes Music Choose your CVatar! Upload your Creative Works to your Portfolio
TODAY! Global Exposure Augmented/
Mixed Reality SocialCV
on Socialights Semantic-based
Algorithm Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Crowdsourcing Underlying Technologies "Some students lack general work experience but learn quickly."

"Generally staff are trained internally, in part because higher education does not equip them with the commercial skills they need. "

"The development companies say that good quality staff are not easy to find. " Unemployment, Unskilled Professionals, Poor Productivity... & many more "There is NOT yet a strong dialogue between
to match up their needs." "The universities complain that industry offers them no guidance on what they need from graduates." "Industry feels universities are failing to provide graduates with any useful or practical skills." "The students themselves are aware of the shortcomings of the system and counter that themselves." SocialCV's 4 MAIN revenue streams micro-tasks for
meta-tagging (via Online or SMS) Geo-Location So, how exactly does help connect Youths to Opportunities? We have designed 5 key components to accomplish this sole purpose. 1. Multi-faceted SocialCV public profile 2. Social Abode (also the Home page) 3. Social Agencies (similar to medieval Guilds) 4. Social Arenas for Project Challenges 5. The Immersive 3D virtual Social Agora = Marketplace + Information Hub So many COOL, HIP & HAPPENING stuff in SocialCV...
... but how are ALL being integrated into a FUN experience? with Connecting Youths to Opportunities. an open innovation collaboration by It's ... So, What's the US$420 Billion Problem? Listen to what the Experts are saying: ...and most importantly... "Higher education appears still to be of the older model, being very theoretical and academic, so graduates tend to leave university without work-related experience or skills."

"Specific to the Gaming Industry in Eastern Europe: Czech companies are finding it difficult to source good animators."

"Generally, there are two key areas of weakness: marketing and project management."

"It's difficult to find the 'gems' amongst the 'silent majority' - those not actively looking for job." But, there is something both Universities & Industries can agree on: "Every problem creates opportunity." Adds Adds Adds Adds 2 (e.g. Universities, Polytechnics & Technical Colleges) (nickname given to community members in SocialCV) So, can SocialCV REALLY help Socialights from Universities get connected to Companies? ratings After bringing you for a Spin ;) Let's check them out... Everyone starts here :) So, when you're all SET UP & have your SocialCV up, it's TIME to make $$$ & TEST your SKILLS at the ARENA... ...so that you can access SocialCV anywhere anytime... + MONETIZATION STRATEGIES Global Job Matching Skills Training Advertising & Classifieds Sale of Virtual Goods setting the strong yet fun foundations for a more sustainable future. CVatar: Alchemist from Torchlight To help realize SocialCV, vote for SureViva's SocialCV at http://www.challengefuture.org/teams/360 So... how can SocialCV be finacially sustainable? SocialCV's 4 Key Strengths Better Job Matching
Life-long Skills Training guided by the Industry
Effective Advertising of Companies at Social Agora
Immersive User Experience "If it ain't FUN, it ain't RIGHT :)"
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