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By Malikye & Denim

No description

Malikye Anderson

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of By Malikye & Denim

A misson Statement is...a written declaration of a organizations core purpose and focus that remains unchanged over time
Begin with the end in mind
Begin with the end in mind means to look ahead at what would happen if you do something.

The best example of a mission statement will define a company and its purpose in 30 seconds or less.

Ways to prepare for writing your mission statement
A way you can prepare for writing yor mission statement is take your aims and values and turn them to one combination and write it down.
Why is it important to have a misson statement?
It is important because to have a mission statement because it makes you work hard to accomplish goals in life.
& Denim
Begin With The End In Mind.

Whats A mission statement?
Example Of Mission Statements.

The three watch outs

The 3 watch outs are considered roadblocks from reaching our goal because...
The three watch outs stop us from reaching our goals because they cause frustration and stress.
Negative labels
When someone names you a negative label neither its true or not
''Its all Over'' Syndrome
Wrong wall
It's all over syndrome is when you've made a mistake or more and you thing the world is over because you made those mistakes.
A wrong wall is when you work really hard to achieve something then when you got it you feel empty inside
5 Keys To Goal Settings Are....
5 Keys To Goal Setting
Count the cost, Put it in pin, Just do it, Use momentous moments, and Rope up.
They help us through our goals because they help keep us on track and bring us through the process of our goals.
I chose this image because it shows is something worth your time or not in words, not just a picture.
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