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Natalie Green

Alternative Cover Letter

Natalie Green

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Natalie Green

Dear Green School, You're kind of a big deal. You have worked with Al Gore, Ben and Jerry's, General Electric, and Michael Franti. It's time you worked with me. Sincerely,

Natalie Green 4 year varsity basketball player Master's in Education Certified K-6 Bachelor's in English "Her enthusiasm for all of the varied subject matter provided an automatic draw for the children's attention and helped to maintain the behavior needed to make for a real learning experience each and every session,"

Cindy Pursell
2nd Grade Mentor teacher
Farmersville Elementary School
Bethlehem, PA Wood River Middle School 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Residential Outdoor Environmental School Project-based learning unit to raise funds and create reading materials for a school in Uganda. "Perhaps her greatest strength as an instructor lies in her ability and willingness to vary materials and approaches to engage her students,"

Robert Ditch
Vice Principal
Wood River Middle School "Her students talk very highly of her and often refer to her as their, 'favorite teacher'.She is liked and respected by the students for all the right reasons,"

Fritz Peters
Wood River Middle School Mazapan School Kindergarten Teacher Level 1 Middle Years Program Training
Los Angeles, California English Immersion Music, dance and art electives And so much more... Project based learning workshop and year long mentorship "Books of Hope" Unit Led investigations, mentored 6th graders, got messy! Curriculum development ...and some dancing too! Thank you.
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