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20 things to learn about me

20 things to know about me

Tony Rhodes

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of 20 things to learn about me

Twenty things to learn about me! Numero cuatro!!!! Nummer zwei!! Číslo tři!!! Number One! Numero viisi!!!!! I'm the tallest person on both sides of my family! My mother's side of the family originate
from Germany and Wales. I'm a sucker for foreign rock music. My father's side is Native American... Cherokee to be exact. I play the Trumpet Most of my close friends are Hardcore Gamers. I have two half-sisters: one older, the other younger. нумар сем нумар сем Hymap cem Nummer otte kilences szam number kuus My favorite animal is the Wolf. My favorite color is Cyan. Szama tiz I am known to influence stupid, yet insanely funny
ideas to the more guillable of my friends. Numer ellefu I was born in Port Salerno, Florida. Numero dodici I'm a habitual poet. Nummer tretten I read a great many books. My favorite series right now are "THE WHEEL OF TIME" by Robert Jordan and "The Paladin of Shadows" by John Ringo. nummer fjorten nombre de quinze numero dezaseis szama tizenhet nomor delapan belas nummer nitten NUMBER TWENTY!!! I'm the only one in my family with brown eyes. I can NOT recite pi to the
fourth degree! =P I am currently unemployed... In case you didn't notice, all of my facts are in foreign languages! I plan to be the creepy physical therapist! My favorite youtube comedy is the "EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!!" My secret passion for a job is either to make it big as a singer in the Music industry, or becom a hobo! Fin!
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