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Planter vs Slave

No description

Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Planter vs Slave

What is a Plantation Owner?
A plantation owner is a person who owns a plantation. A plantation is a large farm. Plantation owners make slaves do all the work instead of themselves. Plantation owners are normally lazy and rich people who don't do anything. They have very nice clothes,houses, and meals/food as well. The only job plantation owners have is to tell people what to do. They also occasionally check on the slaves and plantation. they might play with their children if they have any too.
Plantation Owner vs. Slave
While a plantation owner gets to sit back and relax for most of their time while slaves must continually work hard day after day. Plantation owners are treated amazingly, always have the best meals, wear beautiful clothes, and get to live in a mansion while slaves are treated incredibly poorly, only get leftovers for meals, wear cheap clothes, and don't have much of a living space. Plantation owners get to visit family members and have a good time with them too, while slave's family members are just other slaves or are still at their home but will soon be captured. Plantation owners also get to grow up with a good education while a slave grows up serving other people.
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What is a Slave?
A slave is usually a african american or a person who is not concision and has been captured by a European to be sold as a servant. They are forced to work, and don't even get paid! They are treated poorly, have bad clothes, have bad living conditions, and don't get good food either. If they don't follow orders from their owners they could get severely hurt or they might be killed if they repeatedly don't listen.
Planter vs Slave
By: Michael Brown
When it Started
The first slave came to North America in Jamestown, Virginia, 1619.
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