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Marketing me Assignment

No description

caroline klich

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of Marketing me Assignment

Marketing me Assignment
Caroline Klich
Future me
Become my #1 Dream
Thank you!
How to become Veterinarian
Positives and Negatives About me
Veterinarian Job Description
A Video That Inspired me
The career I would like to purse is veterinarian. I've always wanted to work with animals since i was a young child. Helping them and also showing them the love they need is somethings i dream of everyday. When i think about myself being a vet i feel as though i would be living my dream!!
In high school you need a completion of eight university level courses, which are cell biology, biochemesty, genitics, stratistics, two biology sciences and/or two social sciences
Finish 4 years of high school and get a high school diploma, with 8 required courses
To become a veterinarian i would have to do up to 6 years at Guelph University.
look after the health care of animals
Perform general procedures, surgery, and dentistry daily
Take care of stressed and frightened owners
In Canada the hour wage is $36.50, yearly its $72,000
They need to know the diagnoses of the proper illnesses
Some vets look at live stock to confirm that it is healthy to eat
I am a loving and caring person
Very good at talking to people and helping them though problems
dedicated to things I love
Great passion for animals
Poor time management skills
Terrible at math
Don't deal with stress easily
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