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Fashion is .....

No description

Christine Roy

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Fashion is .....

is ...... fashion is a misunderstading most people think that
if you don't wear a certain
brand of clothing, your
uncool. but then again, fashion
can define you, tell who
you are. if you freinds don't want to hang out with you for what you wear, they're not your freinds. this is untrue. you should be able to
wear whatever you
want without being
judged. if you wear all black
then perhapes you are
goth, but thats just a label. if you wear extraordinary clothing
maybe your that type who wants to
be seen, not heard. if you wear pink and frills
maybe that's just you. people may think they're
cool if they wear special brands
like... DC bluenotes american eagle anyway, you should not
let people make fun of
your clothing either way. and if you don't like what
you wear, you can easily
change it. there is another thing about
fashion that you probably need to
know... if someone does say
they don't like what
your wearing, don't take it to heart
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