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Unit 1: 03_Modeling Techniques

No description

Jonathan Rothman

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 1: 03_Modeling Techniques

Unit 1: Modeling Techniques
Break it down!
With you groupmates, write the 3 techniques for identifying the geometries of an object that we discussed yesterday.
Which method is being used here?
Learning Objective
: YWBAT apply 2D techniques to break down 3D objects.

Essential Question
: Which 2D modeling strategies are best for which kinds of 3D objects?
Which technique would you use to model that object?
1. Your group will get 2 objects.
2. Discuss the objects and their properties.
3. Based on their properties, decide which of the three techniques that we have discussed that you would use to model that object.
4. Share you decision with the class. Your answer must include a precise and articulate explanation of why you chose the method for a particular object.
Do Now: Turn to the person sitting next to you and share what you found out in your research from last night.
Friday! 3D Printshow! Be at the main entrance (where security is) to HSCL at_______!
If you are unable to attend, your assignment will be a 1 page paper on types of 3D printing filaments, due at 2:30pm on Friday!
Or go to the printshow, learn and see a ton of cool stuff, and have fun in the city on Valentine's Day!
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