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"Taking a white card from his wallet, he waved it before the

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Giovanny Rodas

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of "Taking a white card from his wallet, he waved it before the

1st Source: Meaning of white
portraying beauty
2nd Source
higher class
"White Card"
Nick describes Gatsby's actions to an officer when he says,"Taking a white card from his wallet, he waved it before the man's eyes" (Fitzgerald 68).

As Gatsby was driving he started to speed and the cop notices. He turned on his sirens and pulled over Gatsby. Gatsby took out a white card from his wallet and the police saw it and let Gatsby go with no penalty or charge.

In this case it shows that the color white is being represented as corruption. It would be corruption because Gatsby clearly broke the law and all he had to do is show the cop a white card and got away with it. The cop would not react the same way if he pulled over another person speeding because that person would get penalized and have a pretty hefty debt.
"White Dress"

Nick describes Daisy's character when he says,"She was just eighteen, two years older than me, and by far the most popular of all the young girls in Louisville. She dressed in white, and had a little white roadster, and all day long the telephone rang in her house and excited young officers from Camp Taylor demanded the privilege of monopolizing her that night” (Fitzgerald 74).

Gatsby is remembering back to a time where they were younger, and how Daisy was wanted by young officers. At this time, Tom Buchanan was introduced to Mr. Gatsby.

In this passage it shows how Daisy being dressed in white expresses her purity and innocence. “Excited young officers from Camp Taylor demanded the privilege of monopolizing her that night”, meaning that officers were eager to have prized possession of her and because of her wearing white dress, it can more so express her virginity. Fitzgerald may be on to something by using the name Daisy because “white” daisies are a symbol of loyal love. At this point in the book, Tom is unaware of the affair Daisy is having with Gatsby and does not know that they’ve been in love and have known each other when they were young.
"White star line"
"There's a bird on the lawn that I think must be a nightingale come over on the Cunard or White Star Line" (Fitzgerald 15).

Daisy is trying to connect with Tom, but Tom is only concerned about showing off his property.

The White Star Line represents wealth because it was a great ship just like the Titanic.The White Star Line was a rich British ship. One day as Daisy looks out the window she tells Tom, "There's a bird on the lawn that I think must be a nightingale come over on the Cunard or White Star Line."Through Daisy's words, the mood is set to be romantic because she is trying to be affectionate and show her loving side to Tom. For Tom's side, the mood would be like "whatever" because he doesn't care about all the love that Daisy is trying to show him, he only cares about himself and what other people think about his property.

"White powdered fingers"
In the novel Nick describes Jordan's fingers when he says,"Jordan's fingers, powdered white over their tan, rested for a moment in mine" (Fitzgerald 116).

Nick is describing to the readers how Jordan's fingers were covered in white powder and she rested her fingers on his.

Jordan's fingers are covered in white which symbolizes corruption. The white powder hides Jordan's tan that she got from golfing. This shows corruption because she is trying to cover up her tan meaning that she is trying to cover up her who she really is. Jordan is trying to act very innocent and nice, but in reality she is selfish and careless. By Jordan wearing this white powder on her skin, we can see that the author, Fitzgerald, is trying to hide Jordan's character who is actually fake and corrupt.
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