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Jakob FLVS 6.08

No description

Jakob Ellis

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Jakob FLVS 6.08

The Serpent's Shadow
In the beginning of "The Serpent's Shadow," Carter Kane, Sadie Kane, and a few of their trainee magicians were in Dallas, Texas to retrieve an Ancient Egyptian scroll. The scroll held a clue as to how to defeat the Chaos creature, Apophis, but Apophis had different plans. He destroyed the scroll so that Carter and Sadie could not use it to destroy him. On the way to retrieve the scroll, Sadie was confronted by a face that came out of a wall. The face belonged to an infamous spirit named Setne. Setne offered Sadie his help if she and Carter would go to the Underworld and prevent his trial with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the Underworld. Setne had the original copy of the scroll that Apophis destroyed. It was very well hidden; only Setne knew where it was and how to disable the traps and curses that were there to protect it.
Carter and Sadie went to the Underworld to attend the trial of Setne. They planned on trying to convince Osiris to suspend Setne's trial so that he could lead them to the scroll. After much persuasion, Osiris allowed them to take Setne. Sadie asked Carter if it was okay with him if Sadie took Walt Stone, one of their trainees, and went to the ruins of SaÏs to try and capture Bes' shadow; Bes was the dwarf god. Sadie wanted to use Bes' shadow to try and give Bes' soul back to him. Doing this would, Sadie hoped, bring Bes back into existence in the mortal world. Carter agreed, and was left with Zia, a fellow magician, and Setne. When they got the scroll, Carter and Zia planned to capture Apophis' shadow, bind it to Apophis, and destroy him.
At the ruins of SaÏs, Walt and Sadie ran into the goddess of the hunt, Neith. Neith told them that if they could survive her hunt until sunset, then she would let them get Bes' shadow and leave. Sadie and Walt managed to avoid being killed during Neith's hunt by using shen amulets. With the shen amulets, Sadie and Walt could share thoughts and teleport to each other. Whenever Neith cornered one of them, they just teleported to the other person. They did this repeatedly to escape Neith's clutches. After surviving the hunt, Walt captured Bes' shadow and Sadie returned it to him, which in turn brought Bes back into existence. After completing the spell that captured Bes' shadow, Walt died, but in his final moments became a host for Anubis, god of the dead. In doing so, Walt had come back to life, but he was also part Anubis.
While Sadie and Walt were at the ruins of SaÏs, Carter and Zia were traveling with Setne to the Sea of Chaos. At the Sea of Chaos, Zia began to speak the words from the scroll to bind Apophis' shadow. Zia finished the spell and captured Apophis' shadow, but Setne wrapped Carter and Zia in magic ribbons that disabled them from using magic. He took the scroll from Zia and the statue in which Apophis' shadow was imprisoned. He said that he was going to try and strike a deal with Apophis; he wanted rule over part of the world in return for Apophis' shadow. He was about to leave when a portal opened above him, and Sadie came tumbling out and landed on Setne, knocking him unconscious. Sadie took the statue of Apophis from Setne and got the ribbons off of Carter and Zia. Carter, Sadie, and Zia left Setne where he had fallen and headed off to finally confront Apophis.
Carter, Sadie, and Zia met up with the Chief Lector from the First Nome, who was Carter's and Sadie's uncle, Amos, along with a group of ally magicians. They were also joined by Bast the cat goddess, Sobek the crocodile god, and Bes. As Carter, Sadie, Amos, and the other magicians ran into battle, Zia became the Eye of Ra, who is the sun god. Carter went up to the heavens to rally the other gods and goddesses, and he succeeded. Carter and the rallied gods and goddesses came down from the heavens and joined the fight. Apophis lunged at Zia and swallowed her whole, thus plunging the world into near darkness. The battle seemed to be lost, but Bast reminded Sadie that there was still the statue with the shadow. Sadie took out the statue of Apophis and began speaking the execration spell to destroy Apophis. As Sadie finished speaking the spell, Apophis threw up Zia and began sinking into the ground. Sadie broke the statue of Apophis and Apophis disappeared and was vanquished.
Rick Riordan
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