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Playboy and Pillowbook


Kimberly Bunnell

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Playboy and Pillowbook

The Men of the "House" Overview of "The Pillowbook" *First son of Emperor En'yu
*Came to the thrown at the age of 6 (from 986-1011)
*Had two Empress Consorts: Empress Teishi & Empress Shoshi
*His hobbies included music and literature Hugh Hefner *First born son
*Became the King of Playboy in 1953
*Has had up to seven girlfriends at one time
*His hobbies include scrapbooking Emperor Ichijo Nature... In the "Pillow Book" In the Playboy Mansion & Within the "Pillow Book", Sei Shonagon talks a lot about the gardens in court as being beautiful. The previous image is a depiction of what those gardens might have looked like. Like in the Japanese court, the Playboy mansion contains many gardens.
*When entering the mansion, one would be surrounded by trees and plants of all different varieties. This picture is a garden that is surrounding a Koi pond on mansion grounds Playboy is a Men's Magazine fouded by Hugh Hefner in 1951.
It features semi-nude photes of women as well as stories and interviews with notable figures
Women subjected in these photos are known as "Bunnies" What is Playboy? Money from Hefner's Playboy fortuned allowed him to purchase the playboy mansion.
The original mansion is in Chicago, Illinois
The more popular mansion, located in California, became famous in the 1970's for Hefner's lavish parties and lifestyle
This mansion has 29 rooms What is the Mansion? Playboy and the "Pillow Book" By: Kimberly Bunnell
Lisa Dellaporta
& Alicia Domurat An Overview of Playboy and the Mansion Who lives in the mansion? Hugh Hefner dates a constantly changing group of women.
The most famous women who have resided in the Playboy Mansion is Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson: all featured on the hit reality show: "The Girls Next Door.
These three women moved out in 2008 and three new women moved in, including 20 year olds Kristina and Karissa Shannon A Tour of the Mansion Depicts court and aristocratic life of Sei Shonagon Contains descriptions of the Emperor, other ladies and events witnessed as a member of court. Shows a structured hierarchy of women within court life Depicts what was considered important or attractive during the time period Women of the "House" Who are the "Girls Next Door"? The "Girls Next Door is a TV Series that was created in 2005.
Seasons 1-5 showcased three of Hefner's girlfriends already mentioned: Holly, Kendra and Bridget.
At the end of the 5th season, the three girls broke up with Hefner and moved out of the mansion
In seasons 6-7, three new girlfriends move in: 19 year old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon and 23 year old Cristal Harris
In season 7, the twins move out What are the expectations of Hefner's women? To Look their best
To be "sexy" and beautiful at all times
Listen to Hefner and stay around the mansion
To please Hefner and his desires What's expected of the Emperor's women?
Attend to the needs of the him and his Empresses
Prepare the Empresses for special occasions
Look presentable for social occasions and functions
To go on Pilgrimages to temples
Who are the Ladies in Waiting? A lady in waiting is a noble woman that attends the needs of the Emperor and Empresses
They are required to always look their best
They attend all social functions
They have to be well educated enough so that they can recite poetry and music Hierarchy and Power of Women In the "Pillow Book" The system in which women lived was based on their status of service to the Emperor and his Empresses
Being a lady in court was a station of power and prestige.
When powerful women would leave court, younger women would take their place At the Mansion Being invited to the Mansion is a privlage
Even though some girls make it into the magazine or parties, they are not invited to stay at the mansion
Women in the Mansion have access to fame, fortune and luxaries that normal women do not have
Thanks for Listening!
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