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Last minute behaviour Reminders for Canberra

No description

Anne Livette

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Last minute behaviour Reminders for Canberra

Things to remember in Canberra, 2015

- No food, Just water
- Line up against the bus, look to see if Bus buddy is there
- Seating - think about others' feelings, compromise
- Key person hands in key when getting on the bus each morning
Competition Time!!!
Photography competition
- War from an interesting perspective
- Architecture from an interesting perspective
- Nature from an interesting perspective
- The World from an interesting perspective
- Democracy from an interesting perspective
- Friends from an interesting perspective
- History from an interesting perspective
- Fun!
Line up beside the bus (one straight line) each time we get on
Cabin Competition
- Which cabin will be the cleanest at the end of our trip?
- Line up outside Dining Room
- Sit where you are told to sit
- Take turns to get food
- Clean your own table thoroughly
- We will serve by staying behind to clean up
- Wait to be told to leave
- Watch the noise levels
- Walk, don't run!
Your cabins!

Honour God
Represent your school well
Respect Others
Be safe
Be a great friend
Have FUN!
Key Person, Sleeping arrangements, no using electrical equipment in kitchen
submit photos to Mrs Livette by Friday week 8
On the Bus
Crossing Roads
Public Toilets
Always in pairs, ask permission first, an adult will check public toilets before you enter them
Cross in front of the adult, quickly and sensibly
One large bag
A backpack with your food for Day 1
to go under the bus
A small bag with whatever you need for the bus (some activities, no food or lollies, water only)
What to pack?
When we arrive home on Friday ...
- Questacon purchases will be given to you on the bus as we are arriving
- Patiently wait for your bag to be unloaded
- Mark your name off
the helping parents
your teacher!
- Hug your parents
Be patient!
Be polite!
Canberra jacket
Long pants/ jeans
Enclosed shoes
Wet weather gear
Appropriate clothes
No ipods or phones, etc
No lollies.
Each Morning:
Each night:
- get clothes ready for the next day
- brush teeth
- 1/2 your group have a shower
- lock your door
- plan to pray together to finish your day
- Get ready for the day BEFORE breakfast, pack your backpack if you're taking one.
- 1/2 your group have a shower
- key person lock door and
hold on to key
- after breakfast, all that you need to do is brush teeth
Bus, Walking Groups & Cabins
- get along with everyone
- treat each other the way you'd like to be treated
- it's not all about you
attitude and words
make the difference to someone else's trip
Tuesday morning
Go to the toilet before you leave home
Wear your Canberra jacket (don't pack it in your bag)
Arrive between 5:30 and 5:45am
We leave at 6am and the bus WILL NOT WAIT
Morning tea (labelled)
to share during the trip
put in large cardboard MORNING TEA BOXES
Mr Richards will be standing near these boxes
On Your bus ...
Your walking group...
- announced just before we arrive in Canberra
- sometimes we just are in our own walking group
- sometimes 2-3 walking groups combine
- sometimes we are in bus groups
String Bracelets
How will you stand out for Jesus?
- The way you treat each other
- The way you line up in one line when asked
- The way you listen to guides/ adults (even if bored)
- The way you leave every eating area (no rubbish)
- Pictures - with "Jesus Rocks" sign
- Thank you cards to your guides, etc
- Allocated buses the day before we leave (Monday)
- bus buddies
- people who may get travel sickness get on first on the long trips
- an itinerary of what is happening when
Medication to Mrs Wilesmith
in a labelled snap lock bag
Optional pillow
Your choices
- When you can't sit next to your friend on the bus (someone else is already there)
- When you don't like the movie that is playing on the bus
- When someone pushes in front of you in line
- When you are looking at something and your walking leader says you have to leave.
- When you find out you're in a cabin/ group with someone who annoys you
- When you want to sing loudly and someone tells you they have a headache
- When you really want the same bed as someone else
- When another student gets grumpy with you (and it's not fair/ not your fault)
- When a teacher gets grumpy with you (and it's not fair/ not your fault)
- When you are listening to a guide and you feel bored.
- When you are tired and grumpy
Making these to raise money for our Sponsor Child
Get string from Mrs Livette on Bus 1 and Mrs Munro on Bus 2
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