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Us + Bible Translation

No description

Jonathan McCall

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Us + Bible Translation

Two avenues of
financial partnership
On-going Examples Our Team Fully Funded The Need for People understand Scripture the most when they receive it in the language of their hearts Jonathan, Dana,
Asher and Eva McCall 993 2,110 234 2,322 1,250 Africa Americas Europe Asia Pacific There are more than 6,900 different languages spoken in the world 2,000 languages are without any of the Bible Lutheran Bible Translators Our Role within
Bible Translation Non-print Media MEDIA - different means by which to get a
message from point A to point B 's ? 20 million people
278 languages
100+ w/o the Bible Ngaoundéré Scripture Engagement/Non-print
Media with 5 language groups Helping bring people to faith in Jesus Christ by making the Word of God available to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts Where We've Been With Wycliffe Bible Translators 2006-2012
2-1/2 years in Tanzania, Africa Pray
Take a Prayer Card
Sign up for the email prayer team Stay Up-to-date
Sign up for our newsletter
Take a social media card
Visit us on Facebook
Visit our website
Send us messages Mission 19 365 $19 per month Bye-bye USA.
Hello Cameroon. Linguistics - Translation
Literacy - Scripture Engagement 1 date = $19 per month 2 dates = $38 per month 7 dates = $133 per month Any multiple of $19 per month Cameroon in August What YOU can do! Partnership New Testament The books of Ruth and Jonah in
FIVE languages Senders - anchor the team; make up the majority of the team; the body Goers - extension of the team; very small number; the hands $ Brevard, North Carolina Bible Translation The Gospel of Mark in
THREE languages AIDS education material in
SIX languages A weekly radio program reaching
100,000+ people Two Equally Important Partners 4 Ways to Mission 19 Gift Envelope Online Automatic
Draft Give Your First Contribution partner ships at Hand It to Us Directly McCall Vehicle Fund Please designate all
one-time gifts to
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