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My example Prezi!

No description

Toria C

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of My example Prezi!

An Example Prezi! What's so great about Prezi? Looking Good Keeping it Simple Sharing is Caring! What do you think? Presenting Etc. Even whilst using the most basic of templates, Prezi looks impressive. It's professional, but also bright, fun and different.

It stands out, grabs an audiences attention; it's certainly not 'just another' PowerPoint. Those who haven't seen a Prezi before will often
(mistakenly) think that the person who created it is a computer or design whizz.

In truth, the basics are very simple to get to grips with. Now if only that could be said about coming
up with presentation content! As a free user, your presentations will be available for public to stumble upon, so use judgement with what information you put into your Prezi.

This said, there's a big silver lining to this:

Many, many presentations on many, many subjects are available for use. Why not go explore? You can present and share your Prezi in several ways:

Present in person (most obvious!)
Provide a temporary link and present online to up to thirty people at once.
Share your Prezi via a link or social networking site.
Embed your Prezi into a website or Moodle course.
Download your Prezi and take it away. Those are just some of the very basic things
Prezi has to offer, but there's much more to discover...

We won't have time to explore everything this tool has to offer on this course, but we will be able to show you the basics of creating a presentation. The rest is up to you!
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