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Empowering Individuals

No description

louise simmonds

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of Empowering Individuals

Empowering Vulnerable People
Health and social care workers should always try to ensure that individuals dont become to independent on them.

What will happen if they relied on them too much?

Empower: Giving the opportunity or power to do something?
Adapting activities and environments
An individuals physical, sensory or learning diabilities, or their mental health problems may limit their ability to live independently.

By ensuring that you are meeting the individuals needs you need to make sure you are hitting every element of their holistic self.

Taking into account the individual
Person centered approach

Adopting a person-centred approach to care planning and delivery is an effective way of encouraging active participation.

The main aim of a person-centred approach is to ensure that the individual receiving care is placed at the centre of the process.

Difficulties in trying to achieve person-centred care
Working in Partnership with other people
Health and social care professionals work co-operatively with fellow proffesionals, relatives, and the individual users of the service to provide a standard of care that meets the needs of the individual.
Informed choices
Why might service users not get to make an informed choice?

It is part of a health and social care professionals role to promote choice and enable individuals to exercise their rights.
Preferred ways of communicating
Using the appropriate form of communication is important, shows you are adopting a person centred approach

Why might an individual have a preferred way of communicating?

Shows respect and dignity
Empowering Individuals
P3, P4, M2, D2
Health and social care workers can empower people who have care needs by:

Promote active and full participation in the planning of their care
Planning person centred care
Considering individual rights
Working in partnership with individuals receiving care
Adapting communication skills
How could you help this man to put on his shoe?
Adapting a persons home can can empower those with mobility problems of other physical disabilities to live independently
Promoting Choice
Individuals who use health and social care services also like to make choices, they have a right to make choices on their life.

Why might some people not be able to make the right choice?

Informed choices: given all of the information that need in order to decide about it.
Why do we support individuals?
How individuals are supported makes a huge difference to their self-esteem and confidence.

Empowering support can enable people to stay or become independent

Reasons for supporting individuals

1. Find out how many different language groups there are in the UK

2. Find out how to say 'hello' in at least four of these languages

3. Find out how to write 'hello' in as many of the languages as you can

Positive working Practices
There are ways of working with individuals that promote empowerment and enablement.

Needs led assessment
Valuing Diversity
Recognising that individuals have a right to care that meets their needs
Care planning that includes assessment of acceptable risks
Listening and discussing each stage of the care plan


Providing autonomy and building trust
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