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European Claims in Muslim Regions

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Caitlin Forsyth

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of European Claims in Muslim Regions

European Claims in Muslim Regions
Problems for the Ottoman Empire
At its height, the Ottoman empire had exteneded across North Africa, Southeastern Europe, and the Middle East.
Egypt seeks to Modernize
It was in the early 1800s
Nationalist revolts Break Out
In the Balkins, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgerians, and Romanians gained their independence.
European Pressure Increases
Russia schemed to gain control of the Bosporus and the Dandanelles.
He announced that he was the Mahdi, the long-awaited savior of faith.
Muhammand Ahmad
A long-awaited savior of faith.
Provincial rulers
Rulers of the Ottoman Turkish empire.
A deliberate attempt to destroy a racial, political, or cultural group.
An ambitious soldier appointed governor of Egypt by the Ottomans.
Muhammad Ali
Special rights given to foreign powers.
Stresses in Muslim Regions
Napoleon's Egytptian campaign highlighted Ottoman decline and opened a new era of European cantact with Muslim regions of the world.
Empires in Decline
By the 1700s, all three Muslim empires were in decline. Central governments had lost over powerful groups. Corruption was wide-spread.
Rise of Muslim Reform Movements
In the 1700s and 1800s, reform movements sprang up across various Muslim regions of Africa and Asia.
European Imperialism
In addition to internal decay and stress, the three Muslim empires faced powerful threats from Western imperialists.
Efforts to Westernize
They reorganized the bureaucracy and system of tax collection.
Young Turks Demand Reform
In 1908, the Young Turks over threw the Sultan.
Armenian Genocide
Traditionally,and it was from the 1890s.
There was 1.5 million armenians were killed.
Muhammad Ali
Civil war that followed to seize power in
Muhammad Ali Introduces Reforms
Tax collection.
He introduced a number of political
Ali increased Egyptian
Building the suez canal
Muhammad alis successors
it was in 1858
Ferdinand de Lesseps
Becoming a British Protectorate
Egyptian Nationalists
Influence in 1882
British made Egypt a Protectorate
June Century
European Claims in Muslim Regions
Justin Grimes
Brooke Sanders
Katie Forsyth
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