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Beginning Genealogy

Presentation for the Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts at the Denton Public Library

Laura Douglas

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Beginning Genealogy

Gather Information
Beginning Genealogy
A record of the descent of a person, family or group.
Direct descent from an ancestor.
The study or investigation of ancestry and family history.
Curiosity about Family History
Medical Concerns
Family Reunions
Family Legends
Religious Reasons
Full name
Date & Place of Birth
Date & Place of Marriage
Children's Names
Date and place of Death & Burial
Surname = last name
Given name = first name
Always write names as completely as possible.
Include nick names.
Record last names in all caps: WRIGHT
Use Maiden names for female ancestors.
What are you looking for?
Four generations in one portrait. 1899
From back to front are:
Mary Camp Gober
Julia Ann Gober Wright
Effie Wright Williams
Myrtle Branche Williams
Record dates in standard genealogical format:

List places beginning with the smallest division
Town, County, State, Country Sanger, Denton, TX, USA
Start with Yourself
Write it down
Your place and date of birth
If married, date and place of marriage
Your parents, their birth dates and places of birth, marriage information and if deceased, their death and burial information.
Your Father
Your Mother
Your Mother's Father
Your Mother's Mother
Your Father's Father
Your Father's Mother
Look Around
Talk to your relatives
Look at photographs
Gather family artifacts
Baby Books
Organize what you discover
Create a system that works for you.

Binders and tabs
Folders and boxes
Color coding families
Computer programs and files
Using what you know
Evaluate the information you have gathered.
Decide what family line to research.
Use what you have learned to look for new information.
Where are the “holes” in your family history?
Use primary and secondary sources to fill in the gaps.
Primary Sources
Birth Records
Marriage Records
Bible Records
Court Documents
Church Records
Military Records
Land Records
Tax Records
Immigration Records
Emigration Records
Social Security Applications
Pension Records, when applied for by the veteran.
Finding Proof
Williams Family Bible
Bible publication date: 1854
Secondary Sources
Census Records
Death Records
Newspaper Records
Cemetery Records
Headstone Data
Funeral Home
Mortuary Records
Pension Records, when applied for by a veteran’s spouse or child.
Published Genealogies
Published Materials
County Histories
Internet Resources
Denton Record-Chronicle
Sunday, March 07, 1954 pg 1.
The first Census was taken in 1790 and every 10 years since.
Privacy laws prohibit public view for 72 years after the census is taken.
1930 census is the most recent one available
1940 will be released in 2012
Value for Genealogy
They contain many pieces of data that can help you to locate your ancestors.

Names of family members.
Ages, which can be used to calculate birth or marriage.
The county and state where your ancestors lived.
People living with or gone from the family.
Relatives that may have lived nearby.
The government never intended the Census records to be used for genealogy.

Few other records give us better leads to find our ancestors.
Determine a census to start with.
Start with the last census taken during the life of your ancestor
Search the census
Search another census
Repeat your search until you have covered all the censuses taken during the life span of your ancestor.
Analyze the information you find in the censuses
Locating Resources
Look to the local library
Indexes to local newspapers to locate birth, marriage, and death announcements.
Local histories
Family histories
County Clerk's Offices
County and Town Historical & Genealogy Societies
Local Museums
University Libraries
National Archives
Laura Douglas
Denton Public Library
Will Williams Sr. @1873
Mrs. Will Williams in her wedding dress. 1897
Cite your sources!
United State Census
Types of Censuses
Slave (1850 & 1860)
What's In a Name?
Surname =Last name
Given name = First Name
Write names as completely as possible
Record last names in all caps: WRIGHT
Use maiden names for female ancestors
one from whom an individual, group, or species is descended.
Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary
proceeding from an ancestor or source.
Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary
Alternate Spellings
Cresson, Cresen, Cressen, Cressan
Ambrose, Ambrus, Ambrouse, Ambrosia
Cite your sources!
Vital Records:
Birth, Marriage (primary)
Death (secondary)
When major events took place, such as births, marriages, or deaths
Where did those events take place?
How did your ancestors get from one place to another?
Whom do you want to lean more about?
What do you want to know about these individuals?
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