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Suicide Prevention

We can advance suicide prevention if it is addressed at an earlier age and more frequently through public education.

Shelby R

on 6 August 2012

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Transcript of Suicide Prevention

[We're All in this Together]
Suicide Prevention
By Shelby Ross
The Facts
91% of suicide victims had a mental illness, diagnosed or undiagnosed (University of Ottawa).
There are three female suicide attempts for each male attempt (CDC).
For young people 15-24 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death (SAVE.com).
The strongest risk factor for suicide is depression.
It starts
Why some say no
Suicide is a sensitive topic
Copycat Effect
Children would not understand suicide
We can effectively advance suicide prevention if it is addressed at an earlier age and more frequently through public education.
Why are we promoting suicide education?
Awareness is contagious, suicide is not
Learning in school is appropriate
Saving lives, giving hope
Suicide is 100% preventable
Breaking the silence of suicide is the only way we can begin to prevent it.
The idea that if a person completes suicide, others will copy out of sadness, believing that suicide is okay, and/or but not limited to beliving that suicide is a glamorous thing.
What YOU can do
Get informed-
learn the facts about suicide
Volunteer at your local hotline
Look out for your friends/peers, encourage your school to know the facts of suicide
Get involved-
Attend a Walk out of Darkness walk in your local community

YOU have the power to save a life
What will you do with it?
My side
We can teach children suicide prevention strategies even in the preschool years by simply encouraging young children to express their feelings, making sure things that they could harm themselves with are inaccessible, and reminding children that being sad from time to time is normal (Talking to Children about Suicide).
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