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How to and why you hack/shouldn't hack.

Jessica Bai

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Hackers

Hackers Unfortunatly, with the world today, you could hack in to practically everything...with a little help from the web. Which could be a little problem... Okay, fine. BIG problem There aren't many ways you can stop someone from hacking into your computer. However, you could get a firewall and that helps a little bit at least. You would also want to get anti-virus software downloaded. It would help keep out the viruses that help those hackers get into your computer. There actually isn't much point in changing your password so often. If someone gets a hold of your password, they aren't going to sit around lounging and then get into your computer/account in a week. They're going to do it instanly and even if you do change your password in a week, well, they already have a hold of your account. How's changing your password going to help you now? A firewall will hopefully know what to let in and what to keep out of your computer. This way, bad viruses wont get let into your computer. Yay for firewalls! And firewalls also keep out devils. ;) Well, maybe not devils...but you know what I mean. But honastly, if someone REALLY wanted to get into your computer, myspace, facebook, twitter, etc., you might as well kiss it goodbye. Because unless security starts to improve, well, we might just have to deal with these hackers. Here's ways you can help stop people from hacking your computer:
* Install an anti-virus program
* Install an anti-spyware program
* Install a firewall. Some operating systems come with a firewall, but it may be wise to install a different firewall with better features.
* Keep operating systems up to date And, yeah, you do want to keep the bugs, virtual and real, FAR, FAR, FAR, away from your computer. ;) And, *drumroll*, the short list of WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO AND IF YOU DO, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO HACK YOUR COMPUTER!!! (I really like that bright orange color.) 1. DO NOT give out your IP address. You do it and then you'll get a hacker. In, like seconds. 2. DO NOT uninstall your firewall, anti-virus software, or stuff like that. 3. DO NOT keep your computer on more then nessecary. Try to keep your computer 'off' as much as possible. You can't really hack into a computer when the power is off, now can you. Even if you don't turn off your computer, then at least put it on 'stand-by.' Okay, that's about it. Thanks for watching! (I guess...) By: Jessica!
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