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Sharing Economy

No description

Kathleen Ngeow

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Sharing Economy

FutureCafe 19.0:
Sharing Economy

New York City
Estimated lost of $33 million in tax revenue due to illegal Airbnb rentals
Talking Point
Sharing Economy
How would
Sharing Economy
affect HMG?
Home Sharing
Car Sharing
Block Pooling
Home Sharing
Car Sharing
Block Pooling
1. Noise Nuisance
2. Safety Concerns
Our Policy
Talking Point
Home Sharing
Lessee must not sublet his flat on a short term basis. The period of subletting must not be less than 6 months.

Our Policy
Serves as an additional option for residents to have access to a private car without owning one.
Car Sharing Scheme is one of the acceptable business activities in our HDB car parks.

Q: If HDB allows short term letting of flats, how would it impact our residents and staff?
First city to pass an "Airbnb-friendly law" that permits residents to rent out their homes for up to two months of the year to up to four people at a time
“Bill ALUR”
You can occasionally rent out the home in which you live. Under French law, hosts are responsible for collecting tourist taxes from their guests.
Talking Point
Car Pooling
Q: If LTA implements "return" model for electric car-sharing, how would it impact our
HDB car parks?

Our Policy
Promoting Neighbourliness
Referral to CMC for mediations
Talking Point
Block Pooling
Facebook Page
Benefits of Home Sharing
Cope with "silver tsunami"
tourism in
Tackle with elastic supply of accommodation
The World
Coffee Break
Happy Blue Sky Day!
Local District Office
Airbnb had been partly blamed for increasing rents
You will need to apply for a permit for short term vacation rental of your apartment.
New York owners or tenants cannot legally rent their apartments out for short periods (less than 30 days) unless they are also living in the property.
Source: http://publicpolicy.airbnb.com/new-housing-law-berlin/
Source: http://www.ag.ny.gov/pdfs/Airbnb%20report.pdf
Source: http://www.dutchamsterdam.nl/3326-no-amsterdam-airbnb-ban
Electric Car-sharing
Joint project between LTA and EDB
Promote the usage of electric cars through car-sharing
The EV car-sharing programme is a fleet-based trial of
up to 1,000 fully-electric passenger cars, with a project duration of up to 10 years.
Source: http://www.lta.gov.sg/data/apps/news/press/2014/20141208_EVPh2-CarSharing.pdf
Car-sharing operators in HDB car parks
If Blockpooling.sg were to be used widely in Singapore, how would it affect our HDB Branches?
and Happy Mothers' Day!
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