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46,055 mi²

No description

Edgar Mogollan

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of 46,055 mi²

North Korea
Democratic People's Republic Of North Korea
Edgar Mogollan and LORENZ
Population 24.9 million
46,541 mi sq
46,055 mi sq
Life expectancy

Men= 66.3 years
Woman=73.4 years

literacy rate
Men= 100%

By: Lorenz and Edgar
The Six principles that are missing
Corruption Index Ranking
Rank 167/168
Score 8/100
Extremely corrupt
Freedom House Rating
Press Status: Not Free
Press freedom score: 97
Legal environment: 30
Political environment: 38
Economic environment: 29
Labor camps/ unfair trials
Interesting fact
Mass Executions
Foreign Relations
Three Point Plan
Around 150,000 to 200,000 in labor camps kwalliso
for 20 years the tallest hotel in the world 105 story empty pyramid in Pyongyang

when a single anti Kim graffiti was found in Pyongyang the entire city was closed down for 3 days
November 3, 2013 80 executed in 7 cities

10k people gathered at stadium to watch the execution of 8 people

executions are carried off to scare the NK people and keep control

hyon yong chol
Kim ex

very common

(14, 15)

North Korea
3,400 won per every US dollar
1.00 USD is equal to 127.491 won
0.50-1.50 dollars per month on average
textiles, minerals, and armaments

petroleum, machinery and equipment
North Korea
-No sharing of power between state and government
Separation of Powers
- King holds all power
Judicial Review
- no restrictions on the king
Checks and Balances
- Only has one system
Limited Government
- North Korea doesn't have any restrictions
popular sovereignty
- The people in North Korea don't have any say in how the North Korea's government should work
Human Rights Abuses
Freedom of Speech
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Three Point Plan
Try to sign a formal treaty

Plan to deal with the nuclear program in NK

offer more humanitarian aid

Isolation from north Korea
Offer aid to liberal organizations
Those who talk badly to their leader will go to a labor camp
government system

Not just the people in north korea but anybody that is visiting
One Dictator
Rule the way of life of people
Control economy
no judicial process and 3 generations
strategic patience
executive order 13687
North Korea is very repressive

No criticism
People can't leave the country
Around 150,000–200,000 people were sent to bor camps
All media is controlled by the government
Information is controlled
Use fear to keep people quiet
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