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Capture The Flag Plot (Book Project #1)

No description

Noah Reeb

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Capture The Flag Plot (Book Project #1)

Capture The Flag Plot

Smithsonian Museum of American History

Washington D.C .

In winter at a reception at the Smithsonian.

Main Characters:

Anna: The daughter of a senator in Vermont.

Henry: The nephew of Aunt Lucinda who is very interested in history and wanted him to be too.

Jose: The son of one of the textile scientists that will part of the Star-Spangled Banner restoration project.

Sinan: The son of 2 people who played in the orchestra at the reception.

Senator Snickerbottom: Candidate for President of the United States.

External Conflict:
"The American Flag, that inspired "The Star-Spangled Banner", was stolen from the museum.
Rising Action
Main Events of Rising Action:

The flag is stolen.
Anna, Henry, Jose and Sinan meet up at the airport and try to investigate who stole it.
Anna video tapes 2 men that talked about the stolen flag.
Snickerbottom tells the kids to keep quiet about him stealing the flag.
Anna drops and breaks the video camera and now they have no evidence to prove That they found the thiefs. When Henry shows a video of Snickerbottom talking to Anna about the plan for the flag, on a built in video camera on his video game they have new evidence.
The kids worked together to investigate and catch the thieves and that can result good things.
Falling Action
Main Events of Falling Action:
Senator Snickerbottom and his assistant Earl go to jail.
The kids get interviewed on the news about how they thought that the flag was at the airport and and that they were in some hard situations .
"The passengers cheered when Snickerbottom gets pulled away from the plane and they cheer for the 4 kids and when they get on the plane with their parents."
Main Events of Resolution:
They arrive at the airport in Vermont and Anna and Henry see there parents.
Anna, Henry, and Jose become junior members of the Silver Jaguar Society (A group of people who make a promise to protect the worlds artifacts, inventions and artworks).
The End
In the exposition a guy named Jeff Brodie who worked at the museum took 5 men to a chamber to look at the "Star-Spangled-Banner". After the men looked at the Flag "one of them dissappered"
After Anna thinks that the thievs who stole the flag are "stuck at the airport" she decides that her, Henry, and Jose should investigate
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