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Autoplayer and ScreenSaver for Windows


Skillsloft Design

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Autoplayer and ScreenSaver for Windows

Autoplayer & Simple Screensaver for Windows
Portable Prezi
Want to be able to run a Prezi as a ScreenSaver to impress your colleagues?
Windows only
Install the ScreenSaver
Right click the file and install
Windows only
Install the ScreenSaver
Then Apply
Windows only
The Prezi may start
- just close it...
Windows only
And looping autoplayer?
ScreenSaver will autostart
Auto Full Screen
It will loop (Menu will show at end)

Move mouse or use Escape to end
But that's not all!
Double click the file to make it an

In the path.txt document you can change the timings to stay on each path point - great for videos...
4 = 4 secs
So a video lasting 2 mins would be 120 secs ...
When you want the Prezi to end and return to the beginning - just put 'end'
Important not to change anything else though...
Windows only
You can buy the full version
When you're away from your desk
Loop your Prezi with sound and video...
At a trade or business show
Front Desk / safety information
Training sessions / teaching
When reaching the end point - back to start will be selected automatically.

It will then loop
and loop
and loop
and loop...
This is not supported by Prezi
Autoplayer & Simple Screensaver for Windows
Portable Prezi
Thank You
Windows only
Click here
Here's how...
Download a portable Prezi
Unzip the portable Prezi in the usual way
Download and unzip the Skillsloft files and put together with the Prezi files
Auto fullscreen...
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